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My Little Pony / Minty's Tale
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:57:22 am »
I'm not exactly sure where this should go, but since this is more of a G3 fanfic, it should go here.
(Part 1 can be found on the MLP Arena)
                                                    Minty's Tale: Part 2
(At Kimono's temple...)
MINTY: Uh, Kimono, are you here, because I have this really weird scroll that I... (She notices that Kimono is not there) Kimono? Where are you? Oh boy, this is NOT good. (Back in Ponyville...)

SUNNY DAZE: ... And that's the last one. 166 pony somersaults and while eating lime sorbet! (Minty runs up and crashes into Sunny Daze) Whoa, Mints, what's up?

MINTY: (she takes a breath and then explains hurriedly) I found a scroll in my sock drawer an hour ago and showed everyone at Pinkie's party but no one knew what it was so I went to Kimono's and now SHE'S GONE!

SUNNY DAZE: Whoa, Mints...what was that again?

MINTY: (she sighs) I found a scroll at the bottom of my sock drawer...

SUNNY DAZE: Wait, hold it- you, found an ancient scroll in the bottom of your sock drawer? Unreal!

MINTY: ...Well, it WAS real all right, so why is it unreal?

SUNNY DAZE: Yeah, it's slang. Remember, I was an orphan pony who got adopted by some ponies in Manehattan in the G4 world, so that's where I learned to speak this awesome way.

MINTY: So, anyway...(she giggles) I went to Pinkie Pie's party...

SUNNY DAZE: The one that ended five minutes ago?

MINTY: Great, now I missed Pinkie's extra-special party... all because of this scroll...(she unfurls it again)

SUNNY DAZE: Wait, THAT'S the scroll?

MINTY: Yeah, so what? It isn't even green...

SUNNY DAZE: Let me see what it says... (she reads the scroll) Mints, don't you get it? This means something!

MINTY: What? Well, it sure said some pretty weird stuff and all...(she giggles nervously)

SUNNY DAZE: The scroll says that 'PONYVILLE WILL AGAIN BE IN MORTAL DANGER', right? Kimono being gone must be the start of this.

MINTY: Well, losing a friend is a pretty sad thing, but...

SUNNY DAZE: Kimono is the wisest pony in the land. Without her, if danger attacks from the outside, we'll be done for.

MINTY: Oh, I get it...But who was that one special pony who saved Ponyville last time?

SUNNY DAZE: I don't know. But this is awesome! We should go on a quest to figure out what's up with this scroll.

MINTY: Can I bring some socks... (Sunny Daze gives her a disbelieving look) Oh, never mind.

THISTLE WHISTLE: INCOMING!!!! (She crashes into Sunny Daze)

SUNNY DAZE: Whoa, Thistle, where'd you come from?

THISTLE WHISTLE: Well, I was flying around when I ran into some clouds, and you know I have hephophobia, so I got distracted and worried, then flew out of it and crash-landed here (she whistles). Got any ice cream?

SUNNY DAZE: Here's some extra lime sorbet from earlier. (Thistle Whistle takes it and eat it in one go).

THISTLE WHISTLE: Yep, that one's a winner! (She whistles)

MINTY: So anyway, heard about the scroll?


SUNNY DAZE: THIS scroll. (She shows it to Thistle Whistle, who reads it, then whistles).

THISTLE WHISTLE: Boy, was that weird. Possibly even more so then that candy cane incident last Christmas...

MINTY: Don't remind me...

THISTLE WHISTLE: Well, we'd better go see Cloud Climber about this. Maybe she can make sense of all of this.

SUNNY DAZE: But, like, who CAN make sense of this stuff?

MINTY: Kimono could, but there's a minor problem if we went to see her.

THISTLE WHISTLE: And what is that?

MINTY: She's gone. (Thistle Whistle gasps)

THISTLE WHISTLE: Oh my, this is bad, very bad indeed, to the bunkers, everyo-(Minty quiets her) Oops, sorry (she whistles nervously). Now let's go! (the three run off to find Cloud Climber) (Meanwhile, in Twilight's library...)

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Ah yes, just another relaxing day in Ponyville.

APPLEJACK: If Big Mac were here, he'd probably go "EEYUP" to that. (Big Mac shows up)

BIG MAC: Eeyup. (He disappears).

SPIKE: Uh, Twilight, I'm not feeling so well.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: You're right about that, Spike, you look like you're about to be sick.

PINKIE PIE: Remember not to explode!

SPIKE: ( sarcastically,in a muffled voice) Thanks for the compliment, Pinkie. (He burps a message). Whoa, I feel better now.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: A letter from the Princess! Let me read it... (she reads it out loud). Boy, that was weird.

RAINBOW DASH: You got that right.

PINKIE PIE: (in a paranoid way) CUPCAKES, ANYONE? (She holds a tray of cupcakes out).

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Well, whatever these G3's, or whatever they are, need help with, if the Princess says it, then I'm here to help! (the Mane 6 dash out of Twilight's library).


My Little Pony / Re: Show off your MLP collection!
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:08:16 am »
I own a Lickety-Split in mint condition with pink hair still intact, but don't have the time to take photos at the moment.

Fanfic / History Ponies
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:06:57 am »
Of all the fanfictions about Tales I ever wrote, only one made it to the computer, History Ponies, which is right here:
It was amongst my first fanfictions involving Tales. I wrote a series once about Ace-Man and the Masters of Ponyland (a original series He-Man parody) but I lost the notebook...

Merchandise / The G1 Comics
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:03:49 am »
Has anyone (and I know some of you have) heard about the G1 Tales comics? I have a few of them, photos of most of them can be found at my site, Everything Dreamer:
(Yes, Teddy is indeed green with pink hair on one page and Ace has a card symbol another time).
Anyone else own any of these?

The Show / Fan favorite episodes
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:00:48 am »
As I've been going around the Tales fandom for the past 2 years, I've noticed some episodes are fan favorites, such as The Masquerade, Stand By Me, and (strangely) Just for Kicks, while I've yet to see The Play's the Thing, Gribet, or (understandably) Blue Ribbon Blues on someone's favorite list. Anyone else know any of these?

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