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Introductions / *Cue the Theme song*
« on: June 04, 2014, 02:02:18 am »
Because I have one of those now apparently.


So, first name Bob, last name Dude (and yes, I am the man  of whom the Dude look my last name as a nickname) and I felt it was time to make a proper intro thread. Got into ponies in general thanks to FiM, but Tales was my second pony show in part thanks to mlpFan's videos. From there I've watched bits and pieces of G3 (Princess Proemad and sarcastic Pinkie for the win!) and became an overall pony fan.

I am, for all none of you who are aware of it, the writer of the Watch Series of Tales, which can be found here http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?711230-Where-I-Watch-My-Little-Pony-Tales  and here http://mlplexicon.proboards.com/thread/2081/where-bobdude-watchs-mlp-tales?page=1 .

Why did I chose Tales over Fim. 1. The internet does NOT need yet another Watch of Fim. 2. I have very unpopular Fim opinions (No I don't give a damn if Feeling Pinkie Keen is anti science or not, both science and religion are overrated*). So Tales it was, and thus a massive Internet following was born! By which I mean that a couple of guys (and gals) on the internet like it.

As for what's my main sources of humor? Basically a blend of Terry Pratchet, John Steward (the Jewish comedian, not the black Green Lateran), a dash of the 11th Doctor (You shall forever be my doctor Matt Smith), and some of this guy I guess. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?714296-Where-I-Watch-My-Little-Pony-9-Trampling-the-Status-Quo (Think his Momlestia running gag as long since stopped being funny but what the hell do I know?).

My favorite Tales ponies are a tie between Bon Bon (who would totally grow up to be a plus sized pony model) and Clover (so much adorkable klutziness).

As non Tales review influence, I've been mostly influenced by these two fellows https://www.fimfiction.net/user/The+Conflicted+Writer and http://collinfatpony.deviantart.com/ with a touch of Robert E Howard fight scene wise for my DBZ fics. https://www.fanfiction.net/~bobdude17

Fanart / Fanart General
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:57:31 pm »
Thought it would be a good idea to have an open ended fanart thread of those of us who either don't produce enough Tales art for a thread of their own, or are anonymous and who's identity can't be located after all these years. 

Might as well start the thread off with some art of my own. http://bob-dude.deviantart.com/art/A-Round-Romance-Sumo-Starlight-457907793?ga_submit_new=10%253A1401648899

Fanfic / Bons Between the Stars
« on: June 01, 2014, 06:50:43 pm »
Part 1

It was a warm summers night as Bon Bon made her way through the streets of Coltenville. As the streetlights hummed and glowed with electrical power, the dark-purple maned mare could see fireflies glowing in and out of view. Wrapped around her body, jiggling along with her soft, pillow-like barrel was a knapsack with a pie in it.

When it was warm like this- 85 degrees Fahrenheit- there was nothing the young plus sized pony model loved more then taking a pie baked with her own hooves and feast on it by moonlight while it was still warm.

The town's clock stuck 8PM as Bon Bon continued her trek down the concert sidewalk , noticing that she was about to pass the salon part of the Rainbow Beauty Salon, where her friend Starlight worked with her mother. She could see that the ice cream parlor part of the store was still open, as golden light shinning from within the building as she passed the door. That's odd, Bon Bon thought. Starlight normally closes the store at 7, why is it still open?

She stopped and peered into the building she could see that her friend Starlight was behind the counter top of the store, crying and sobbing her heart out as tears ran down both sides of her muzzle.

Hang on Starlight, Bon Bon thought as she cantered around the corner of Faust Street and Zacherle Drive.

"Starlight, are you alright!?" Bon Bon exclaimed as she burst through the saloon-style entrance of the giant ice cream cone archway, heaving slightly as she spoke

Starlight looked up and after blinking away her tears saw that it was her friend Bon Bon, whose face flushed slightly as she heaved deep breaths.

"B-Bon Bon? What are you doing here?"

"I was going out for a nightly stroll, when I saw you were here crying."

Bon Bon said as she sat her ample sized rear end on one of the red circle seats that were attached to the ice cream bar. "What's wrong?"


"Ace, AGAIN?"

Starlight nodded limply as she lowered her jaw carelessly to the light blue counter top.

"I know I should be over him-"

After everything me and the rest of the girls did to finally get Melody to notice that jerk I should, think so. That was what Bon Bon wanted to say, but the sheer exhausted and destroyed-looking expression that had taken over Starlight's face made her think otherwise.

"But I just can't help thinking that the two of us would be good together. That we'd-"

"Make the perfect pair?" Bon Bon finished.

Starlight nodded slightly before sighing once more.

"As pathetic as something relying that I can up with when I was ten, yes, I do."

Bon Bon frowned. "What do you even see in the guy Star? I mean, yea, Ace is hot (memories of the two of them sitting on a pier at Paradise Lake came flooding back but Bon Bon quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind) and all and he can be decent from time to time but the guy's no Teddy and you're not Sweetheart. So why in the name of everything pony do you keep longing after a guy who everyone calls 'Acehole' in the first place?"

When the last few words left her mouth, Bon Bon regretted them almost instantly when she heard Starlight cry out: "I DON'T KNOW!"

The waterworks now returned with full force, as Starlight began her turn to go on a ranting rampage. "I don't know why I'm still hoof over hoof for a guy who's treats me like dirt, I don't know why I keep thinking he has some hidden romantic knight-in-shining armor side to him. AND I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M SO JEALOUS THAT ACE AND MELODY ARE TOGHETER!"

By this point Starlight's voice was cracking as her throat throbbed in a sore pain from her sobs and yelling as the heart-broken pony buried her face. She was now only distantly aware of her surroundings and it was only by the prodding of one of Bon Bon's hooves minutes later that Starlight looked up and saw a pie and strawberry ice cream soda resting in front of her.

"W-What's this?" Starlight looked up with a bewildered expression, Bon Bon just smiled as she put a front hoof between Starlight's withers and crest.

"Comfort food. I was going to eat the pie in the moonlight tonight, but your needs are greater then mine."

For a moment, Starlight didn't know how to react. Having know her for so long, Starlight knew how much her larger-then-average friend enjoyed her food. And here the both of them were, with Bon Bon willing to give up her own pie just to help her feel better….

"Thank you, Bon Bon."

Bon Bon beamed a smile at her. "No problem Star, what are friends for?"

Moments later, the knife and fork were out on the counter top and Starlight cut herself a generous slice. It was cherry flavored, but the cherries were not many in number. Starlight lifted the work and took the first bite. Her purple eyes went wide with shock as her taste buds were assaulted by thousands of cherry flavored explosives.

"Oh my gosh, Bon Bon this pie is incredible!"

"Well I am more then just a beautiful face after all." Bon Bon said with a playful wink. "But I am glad you like the pie though."

"It's just… just… I think this is the sort of thing I needed after the Ace incident." With that Starlight happily finished off of her slice before cutting another, and when one was gone seconds later, she downed her entire ice cream soda and was about to dig into a third helping of pie before-

"BURRRRAAAPPPPPP! Oh." Starlight put a hoof to her mouth as her face flushed as red as the remaining cherries in the pie. "Excuse me."

Bon Bon couldn't help but let out a good-nature chortle, "Are you kidding me? If Patch wasn't at that writer's workshop and Melody wasn't teaching our younger siblings at that music camp you just KNOW they'd both try to challenge you to a belching contest like before."

Now it was Starlight's turn to chuckle. "And like before Sweetheart would come in and win, shocking everyone but herself."

"Exactly. So are you feeling better yet?"

"A little," Starlight replied. "But I'll let you know for sure once I've finished off the whole pie."

Bon Bon found her eyes growing with shock and awe as Starlight quickly finished off the third slice in record time, before slices four, five, and finally six joined their tasty companions in the pink pony's stomach.

Starlight rubbed her now slightly protruding barrel/stomach with an almost prideful look. She could feel the smear of cherries and pie crust crumbs surrounding her mouth, muzzle, and jaw in a ring but something about that sensation just satisfied her so. No wonder Bon Bon was always eating, it was felt amazing and did wonders for a hurting heartache. Plus, that ice cream soda and pie had helped a lot with her emotional distress, but something still felt like it was-

"Something wrong Starlight?" Bon Bon asked, as she leaned forward, arms on the counter top.

Starlight glanced out of her food-induced daze and looked at her friend. "Something just feels like it's missing."

A small smile graced Bon Bon's mouth. "I think I know what might help."

Then, before Starlight could react, Bon Bon suddenly leaned further in and planted her yellow lips against Starlights'. Her arms twitched slightly as her eyes went wider still, and Starlight was sorely tempted to shove her friend away, but found much to her surprise that a part of her didn't mind the fact that she was now kissing of her long time girl friends.

The Show / Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: June 01, 2014, 04:39:13 pm »
Now you good folks out there in Internet Land (not to be confused with TV Land) might be thinking to yourselves: Bob, do you REALLY need yet another thread dedicated to your MLP Tales Watch series? The answer to that is, Well duh yes. Hence my thread.

MLP Tales Review 1

This bad boy aired all the way back in July 3, 1992 (which made me… 72 or 73 days old at the time), and having been written by a Mr. George Arthur Bloom, who’s written a few MLP episodes in the past, including the MLP Movie and original specials.

But before we can cover the episode proper, I might as well talk about the theme song.

First off, I honestly quite like that the fact that it doesn’t start out with the familiar My little pony, my little pony notes. Personally, I like this as I think it gives the show it’s own feel. Plus is does have one thing over the FiM opening (not counting the extended version that is): It actual gives us the list of our characters names.

And like all decent theme songs, it gives us a some hints at each characters personality/role in the show. Starlight works the salon/ice cream bar thing, Bon Bon likes to snack and bake things, Clover is a well meaning klutz (and being a well meaning klutz myself is probably the pony I most relate to),  Melody, the  proto Rock version of Vinyl Scratch (why is it with characters like Melody and Flash Sentry that rock and roll never seems to die? You’d think they’d be into grunge and dub step respectfully or something. Or better yet a Grunge/dub step mash up, make it happen people), Patch is the tomboy of the group who isn’t afraid to dish some pain back if that returning spitball shot on the bus is anything to go by, Sweetheart seems to be the Fluttershy of the show but with the added bonus of having a bow in her mane, and Bright Eyes is the brainy one (who I feel would be both amused and annoyed at the same time by Equestria’s very… odd and inconsistent technology level).

Also, although the song might not start with that ever infamous jingle, it certainly makes up it latter with some good ole fashioned name dropping. On a side not, I like how the Tales Mane Seven are all spinning around on the… spinning wheel as friends, something the Mane Six don’t ever do in their opening if you don’t count their random together for that photo they always send off to Celestia. (An unfair comparison to be sure, but I thought it was worth mentioning).

So, our episode begins properly on a windy, and somewhat cloudy night, though the full moon can be seen peaking behind the clouds. A few seconds later we see a nice (and pink) house. (I’d like to think that if Wind Whistler and Bright Eyes met up with Twilight in Equestria that they’d comment on how much the color pink and the Valentine’s day heart symbol seems to be an almost universally shared symbol throughout the pony multi-verse. That and breaking out into random song for little to no reason).

A seconds later, we’re introduced to our cast, in the midst of the grandest of all slumber party traditions: Charades (guess Twilight needs to get Slumber Party 102 at some point if she wants to step up her slumber party game).

 However Clover (voiced by, if Wikipedia is to be believed, Lalainia Lindbjerg who’s other big voice acting role seems to be… voicing Venus de Milo…. Poor dear, that’s Clover levels of luck right there) quickly ends the game by saying what it was she was trying to tell the others with her body language.

Sweetheart (voiced by Maggie Blue O’Hara, who voiced Shadowcat in X-Men: Evolution and is apparently the voice of some character in She-Zow. Neat) gets annoyed. I like that she’s capable of expressing visible annoyance with her friends instead of hiding under her soft voice of meekness like a certain flutter of shyness does from time to time.

Good for her.

So in spite of screwing up the game the first time, it’s still Clover’s turn and to her credit she does much better (also Bon Bon’s comment of the three dwarfs sounds like some sort of long lost Three Stooges plot line. And I can’t help but wonder what dwarf ponies would even look like, seeing as how ponies are by nature mini horses.).

When the girls finish the game, Sweetheart’s parents (we can tell its them because of the matching coats and similar mane to Sweetheart’s. Seems that in the Tales verse coats and mane do in fact act a lot like hair and eye color do in real life, I like that, makes it different from Equestria.) offer them a chance at ice cream. 

And like all good…. kids between the ages of 10 and puberty they rush off in excitement.

We next see the girls gathered around a bowl of ice cream so huge, it’s melting and actual dropping into the floor (also, seems that Sweetheart’s family has a cat. He’s cute.). Bright Eyes (voiced by Laura Harris, who’s appeared in stuff like the X-Files, the 90’s Outer Limits, CSI, and the miniseries adaptation of King’s IT) shows off her brains by listing a number of nutritional facts about ice cream.

Sweetheart comments on Bright Eye’s brain swag and Bon Bon (voiced by Chiara Zanni, aka the voice behind Daring Do/AK Yearling) breaks out the whip cream, though her aim needs a bit of work as she winds up spraying everyone with the white creamy goodness by accident.

The girls to their credit aren’t annoyed in spite of the fact that they just blasted with Bon Bon’s white cream stream and Melody (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) then decides to bring out the nuts. Insert your own innuendo jokes my friends.

With their frozen heart attack having been significantly sugarfied, Sweetheart places the lone cherry onto the ice cream, though if the animation is anything to go by she put it in the middle and not on the top like your supposed to. This anger’s the storm gods as thunder and lighting start up not a second after that fruit touches the ice cream (guess those goods take their ice cream very seriously here).

The power goes out and the girls are scared, Patch thinks that it’s the works of a ghost, which Sweetheart’s father dismisses as nonsense as the power goes back on a few seconds later. then they look and see that Bon Bon (food connoisseur and potential Big Beauty Pony model in the making) seems to have snagged some ice cream while the lights were out and blames it on the ghost, the rest of the Mane Seven take this as a chance to finally dig in. (Is it sad that I’m actually envious of those girls and that ice cream, seriously that thing looks huge!).

We next see the girls and their back in Sweetheart’s bedroom, with Bright Eyes doing a fairly good impression of their teacher Mrs. Hackney, though why they have a hoof puppet of her is anyone’s guess (I’d also question how a hoof is moving a sock puppet but if I can buy the sun and moon being attached to day and night and needing to be manually moved, then I can buy this).

Patch, being the tomboy and trouble maker that she is, give’s her ‘teacher’ a good taste of what missile pillow tastes like and thus starts off the great pillow fight war of 92, there were no survivors. Which is to say that Sweetheart’s mom comes in and gets them to settle back down to bed.

We then see the formally dark and somewhat cloud night decide to go full cliche on us and start to add in some rain (guess the lighting and thunder wanted to make it a three some… God Tumblr what have you DONE to me?) into the mix. Bon Bon, Sweetheart, and Clover all get unnerved by the storm (they all are ten after all… or in Sweetheart’s case will be ten).

However, Patch (who will be voice from here up to episode 16 by Venus Terzo, aka the women behind female Ranma from Ranma ½, Jean Grey from X Man Evolution, and (ironically) G3 Rainbow Dash) thinks that it’s the perfect time to tell a ghost story and Starlight (voiced by Willow Johnson, who does the voice behind Kasumi Tendo from the Ranma ½ series and Kiko from the InuYasha and as Starlight has quite the lovely singing voice) suggests building a tent. And it’s under this sheet made tent that we learn a bit of this setting past and history.

Apparently, Ponyland (not to be confused with the Ponyland of Dream Valley, though why you would is beyond me) in the past was a monarchy complete with an impressive looking castle and everything (also like how Paradise Lake isn’t just called Pony Lake, or Pony-dise Lake for that matter). Much like the night the girls are experiencing, it seems that the castle is experiencing some rain of their own this night and Baron von Dad Pony tells his son Squire (both of whom have matching colored coats and hip symbols, reinforcing my idea of this stuff being more genetic bound then it is in Equestria) that if he wants to become a knight that he must maim a dragon.

Well, that shouldn’t be too hard, all ole Squire will need is 13 dwarfs, an old pipe smoking wizard who hands out adventures and quests like favors at a birthday party, and a hobbit with a ring of invisabil-
I’m sorry, apparently Squire has to ‘tame’ a dragon. Not sure if that’s just how nights were made back then but I suppose it better then the dragon egg hatching schtick from Eragon.

So in that case kid all you need to do is get yourself a hot head, a bookworm, a cowgirl, a gal with a love of shiny things, a nutcase, and when the dragons been lulled into a false sense of security, you yell at it until the dragon breaks down in tears. Also, the dragon’s name is surprisingly enough, not-Spike, but Basil.
Eh, still a better name then Sapphira.
So the next morning our daring young man sets out alone on his quest to ‘tame’ the dragon, who lives in a cave in the deepest part of the old woods.

As opposed to that new-fangled woods they put up in the next hamlet over that lacks the charm and aged history of the other one. Damn kids these days with their doublets and feathered hats....

 Interestingly enough, Squire’s dad gave his son a sword as opposed to a shield for his son’s quest, in spite of the both of them having shield hip symbols. So after walking a bit through the nicely atmospheric and misty woods, a nasty serpent gets the drop on our intrepid hero and hisses at Squire, Squire however simply gives the old snake-in-a-tree a raspberry for his trouble, and this apparently enough to scare the snake off (and back at the Snake Bar, Bob the snake was never able to go in for a drink again without the other snakes mocking him for it).

Having vanquished his foe without even having to take out his sword, Squire soon finds the ominous cave of Smug- I mean Basil the dragon. A roar erupts from the cave and back in the real world/present/90’s, Sweetheart asks if that roar was Patch (nice to see that they didn’t blame Bon Bon and went after the obvious fat pony joke. Good job Tales)

Back in the story, Basil enters the cave, find’s a leftover torch from a dead knight, and runs into Basil himself, who while maybe not on the level of a certain famous red dragon, still looks pretty intimidating all things told.

Squire manages to pass his doge check on a burst of incoming flame and boldly declares that he’s here to tame dragons and blow raspberries, but Basil (having no doubt heard that sort of speech in the past) is having none of Squire’s nonsense and just burns a hole in the caves floor (somehow…) and our young hero falls in.

Apparently though, he doesn’t die, though by the time he crawls out of the whole (which somehow took a long time to crawl out of even though Basil didn’t spend that much time making the hole for it to be that deep…) Basil has left the Ponyland world.

Ole Basil decided from then on to change the color of his scales from green to red, travel the multiverse, and find a nice new cave with a nice new horde of gold and shinny stuff where he can finally take that 100 year nap he’s been meaning to get around to.

Patch ends her story with the typical spooky story: “And they say that old man Jakin’s still haunts that old mill, cursing any and all kids of a meddling type that pass by”, type of ending.

A creaking noise is heard in the distance and Bon Bon instantly thinks its Squire, which Melody dismisses as nonsense.

Patch, being the Rainbow dash/Pinkie Pie of the show, decides to pull a Fred Jones and investigate the mysterious noise. Both Starlight and Bright Eyes insist on joining Patch (no doubt to keep her from getting in more trouble then she would if she were on her own) and eventually the rest of the girls follow in suite.

The girls enter the clustered, dark attic (which if the art is anything to go by as it’s own staircase leading up to it I think) and Sweetheart tries to turn on the headlight, but to no avail. Both Bon Bon and Clover start to get nervous (can’t say I blame them honestly, if I was there age and in a dark cluttered attic while a storm was a brewin’, can’t say that I’d want to stick around either) and a noise causes all of the Coltenville Mane Seven to turn around scream as they see a fluttering figure near an open window (having been opened by the outside wind).

A tug from Starlight reveals that it’s nothing more then sheet on a bird cage (I can only assume that the Sweetheart’s family cat was the main cause of that particular item going up in the attic) and with that we get a transition into the first sound of the series, titled
“Things are not always what they seem.” www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIUVsz7ZsHE

While it’s not one of my favorite songs from Tales (that honor goes to Perfect Pair so far), the singing isn’t that bad for what it is. Fun fact, the woman who does the voice for Equestria Spike and Mayor Ivory Scroll directed the above mentioned voice actresses for the Tales cast for these songs, so have fun with the image of Spike with a little conductors baton trying to get the Tales Mane Seven to sing.^^

 And I like the continuing spooky imagery of the attic, as well as some of the facial expressions from the girls as they freak out (poor Clover gets a tower of cardboard boxes and one camcorder to fall on top of her, girl makes Mr. Binks of Naboo look like a freaking trapeze artist by comparison sometimes I swear).

Plus the message of the song isn’t a bad one all things told, I mean let’s be honest here, all most all of us have been scared of the dark, or thought we’ve seen scary things in the shadows that were more mundane in the daylight. Granted, it might not have the catchiness of Giggle at the Ghosties, but I have to say that I think the situation that the Tales Mane Seven are in makes more sense from a terror standpoint then the spooky/mean looking trees from the second Fim episode. Here's glaring at you Faust. (J/k)

I mean these girls are anywhere between the ages of ten and under the age of 15, and their in a honestly creepy looking, stuffy old attic at night while a gusty storm is raging on.

It makes sense that their a bit unnerved and scared of their surroundings while the Mane Six it makes… less sense what with them being vaguely defined adults and all (Rarity’s love of pin the tale on the pony not withstanding).

I mean those trees weren’t even sentient like the ones from the Wizard of Oz for crying out loud.
But I digress.

One final note of interest on the song is Patch’s line of not jumping into battle, once we get into episodes like Who’s responsible and Up Up an Away this become retroactively hilarious.

With the song over with, the girl’s share a laugh at Cover’s recent bout of klutziness and a mow from above brings Patch’s flashlight (she brought it up with her when they entered the attic) to the ceiling, where the see the family cat. Cat’s name apparently Springfield as she jumps down on from the rafters and onto the back of her owner (Sweetheart), Bright Eye theorizes that Springfield must have gotten locked out in the rain and came in through the attic window, and Bon Bon’s relived that there wasn’t any ghost, while Patch expresses some pretty visible disappointment that there wasn’t one.

Why do I get the feeling that Patch would be willing to kick Saggy and Scooby out of the Mystery Machine if it meant a chance to see some ghosts?

Later, with the storm seemingly over and everyone tucked away in their beds/sleeping bags a strange figure looms over Patch. But instead of being a creepy 100 year old vampire, it’s just Squire’s ghost.

You know it’s ironic how despite being the most mundane and normal of the settings it’s the Tales version of Ponyland that has ghosts while the Dream Valley verse and Equestria (if Twilight’s to be believed but this is the pony that thought that time travel wasn’t possible when there was clearly another version of herself in the same room as her) don’t. Funny how that works, aint it?

Patch wakes up with a gasp and Squire thanks her for telling his story. Maybe ghosts in this universe are like Tinkerbelle and need people to believe in them? Eh, I’ve seen less arbitrary afterlife rules before. 
And if his voice and appearance are anything to go by, this kid either killed himself out of shame of never being able to find Basil, or from sheer depression.

And that’s just if you assume he wasn’t supposed to be killed by that blast of fire that made a hole in the rock floor back in the cave in an earlier version of the story. Really, any three of these theories are pretty disturbing on Mr. Bloom’s part, so bravo I say.

Squire says that he must continue his search for Basil (apparently being dead hasn’t stop the kid from keeping the optimistic outlook that Basil is still alive, though if he was maybe being a ghost would make the whole ‘taming’ process easier now?) and asks that Patch keep an eye out for him (Basil that is). 
Patch gives a salute promise that she will (which will come to nothing because this show only lasted 26 episodes) and Starlight asks in a tired tone who Patch is talking too.

Patch prepares to say who she was talking to, but instead goes for the old ‘it was just a dream’ chestnut as she looks back up to Squire, who’s floating up to the ceiling and out of sight never to be seen again (Just like Chuck Cunningham!). Patch then ends the episode with a playful and knowing: Or maybe it wasn’t.

And that’s the episode, and honestly? I think it’s pretty good for what it is. The songs got some nice singing and a decent beat/tune as well as a good, if not very original moral, to it that I think, given the target audience and such, is pretty good to keep in mind even as an adult. We get a pretty decent look at most of the characters and while the likes of Starlight or Bright Eyes don’t get too much to do, Patch, Clover, Bon Bon and Sweetheart have some nice moments to make up for it.

Basically, when watching Tales you have to do into with an open mind and role with the punches. Above all, I just find these episode relaxing and nerve calming as oppose to the intensity that Fim (or to be more accurate the fandom can produce).

I also like how we actually know that our characters have parents that love them and are pretty fair and reasonable, I mean we’re four seasons into Fim and I swear that by this point I’m convinced that Fluttershy was spawned one day when an oak tree thought that particular willow down by the river side looked particularly delightful blowing in the wind like that.

 I mean hell, at least we know that Sweetheart’s parents can talk, I’m half convinced that Twilight’s are mutes incapable of talking by now.
But yea, my complaints of the mane six’s disinterest in talking about their parents aside, hopefully you guys enjoyed my first MLP Tales Review (don’t worry, they do get ‘better’, for a given meaning of the word better) until the next episode, I’m Bob-dude.

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