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Gaming / Re: WIP: Tales Mania game
« on: January 24, 2015, 12:40:35 am »
Any news?

Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« on: January 02, 2015, 07:25:45 pm »
I don't think there IS one! G1 had one?

Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:18:04 am »
Ooh, good ideas!

Suggestions/Problems / Hey.
« on: December 20, 2014, 02:10:18 am »
Guys, I miss this place. Therefore we need to get more interest in Tales Mania again! This is the thread dedicated to suggestions to do just that.

Introductions / Re: Me!
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:15:40 am »
Whoa! That'll be a first... good for you, Wildshadow!

Merchandise / Re: My items!
« on: September 14, 2014, 02:23:48 am »
I know, right?!

Merchandise / Re: My items!
« on: September 08, 2014, 01:36:25 pm »
Starlight help me, those are amazing looking! I never even knew there was a coloring book... and oh, they're all so cute! And those free things from the comics are so nice too! Thank you for sharing!

Gaming / Re: WIP: Tales Mania game
« on: August 16, 2014, 08:36:11 pm »
No problem mlptfan! Thank you so much for the update.

Yeah, the spambots were troublesome. At first I thought they were actually fans of Tales that found this place by coincidence... hah, soon I was proven wrong. Thanks for dealing with them.

I look forward to what you put up next.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 15, 2014, 11:05:25 pm »
1) Agreed.

4) Alrighty then; that is a possibility. Christmas exists in Tales though; they mentioned the Crhistmas Pony.

5) Eeeeeeeyup.

7) Definitely. And what we need to do to get that far is WRITE. That wouldn't just be fun and interesting, but it'll end up being dang adorable.

13) The 7 Pony Friends would pick up these ideas somewhere, I imagine. Possibly from the television, but they aren't prejudiced in the racist type way aside from Ponies in Paradise. In Tea Party they weren't hating on boys pre-Boys Boys Boys, they simply didn't want to let them into the club. Boys Boys Boys was, yeah, even-hoofed.

Brilliant point, though, for the adults thing.

"Coltenville" is definitely on the coast somehow. There are SUBTLE things there that imply the climate being not-cold, and them being on the coast in come amount. I'm decided on the islands point, but not on the precise differences; I don't want Ponyland to be absolutely perfect in every way and having this other island be an antithesis and all-bad place. That's what I know. Being a continent surrounded by islands works perfectly well too. I think they showed overhead views of the town in Who's Responsible, so I'll have to check it out.

16) Sounds quirky and strange. But Pepper running around in a costume like the one described is just an adorable idea.

17) I haven't seen that adorable yellow Pooh-bear in ages...

18) Called it. XD You really one-upped me though, so great job.

24) Speaking of the Tales cast, someone needs to contact them, Chiara Zanni at a con or not. I am NOT getting a Facebook or a Twitter account, even to talk to them. Some of them ARE online, though.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 15, 2014, 08:00:51 am »
1) Yes, yes; he's done lots of respectable things with pony. So far End of Flutter Valley is my favorite G1 special (all ten parts) and he wrote that. He's a good writer AND he's done a lot.

2) Ahyup.

3) Thanks.

4) Eeyup, that fits the bill perfectly. If they celebrate Christmas, then... religion somehow exists. Maybe a universal one that happens to share similarities with Christianity.

5) I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Patch has a whole host of skills. She could be a LOT! She's hardly even ten and yet she has electrical know-how, can build all kinds of stuff, invent stuff ("she's used to Patch and her weird inventions") can trick a pony, sees stuff nobody else does, is funny, imaginative and creative... brave... soccer... Cheese. She could grow up to be an author, or an adventurer, or a handymare, or a clown (doubtful, considering Patch the Clown), a comedian, a soccer coach, an inventor, a UFOlogist... the kid has potential. I could even imagine her being a reality show host with her goofy personality.

But I think my favorite career for her is the life of adventure, and risking her neck at every turn, with some comedian and inventing work in between. Just strange enough to work.

6) Oh, I know that. The same is up with Percheron and Cheval. Probably other stuff too. And yep.

7) OH yes. Clover is a very lucky pony even when she's experiencing bad luck. She would be even more hard on herself if she didn't have that love and companionship from her friends and family.

I have... no idea, either. Intellectual doesn't mean scientific. Your opinion counts in spite of your feelings on science and religion.

8) I think that her parents TRY to censor stuff, but really have no idea what's in those magazines. I bet she gets that kind of stuff at age ten... oh, the mind warping. And by teenage years she gets curious and curiosity kills the pony who has made cat faces in the season. Such carnage would occur.

And yep, I have my own personal proof that the magazines are dirty: some parts of Best Dream and the position of that one blue and yellow model who I call Bluesy in the picture behind Bon.

9) Agreed... It happens a LOT.

10) Headcanon accepted.

11) After looking for boys for the club ("We can't live with~ or live without, boys boys boys) and on their way to the next club meeting to table the vote on the boys, Patch mentions it to Bright Eyes. Then the shady gangster truck comes and Patch drags Bright Eyes into a bush by her hoof. Considering Patch's personality... eenope, she's just relating.

13) Yep... What I've started to think is that Ponyland is part of a chain of islands, headed by the Isle of Pony; the Pony Isles. Ponyland is pretty clean, is correcting environmental issues and has nice ponies and stuff, but it's also got its own flaws: a limited economy, some bigotedness (Tropical Island racism), and other stuff I need to analyze to find. A neighboring island, Mecklenburger, by contrast is dirtier, a big city, and has crime happen often. But it has great economic opportunity, a lot more tourists, and is a bit of a patchwork of different cultures so there is less prejudice.

So, Ponyland GTA boys? Probably not for me. ...Mecklenburger ones? A possibility.

14) Meh. Good thing we caught the minor detail. Even if Miss Hackney didn't (I remember her doing so), though, Percheron said "mon petit ponies."

15) Got it. I could kinda tell.

16) That's what I think.

...Tell me how that happens. Such a ridonkulous idea wouldn't be in your head without reason.

17) Oooooh yes. Don't lick stuff you don't know. Don't talk to toys you don't know.

18) XD DID NOT see that coming. You were reminded through Out of Context, weren't you?

19) Maybe so, maybe so.

21) Yeah, they didn't have a high budget... but they did well with what they could. Every pen stroke was with thought, in my opinion.

24) Yep. That's what I thought for the longest time... until I realized she looked freaked out at everyone else in the picture and Patch's mane was just purple by mistake. I prefer the bad hair day one personally.

That WOULD be interesting...

26) I'm not sure, but it sure did sound like BB.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 13, 2014, 05:33:18 pm »
21) Ohhhh yes. Yes-yes-yes. We could so do that.

22) Agreed. I sure managed to with Anti-FiM.

23) Agreed.

24) Eeeeeeyup.

25) Yeah, but... try to rectify it, okay?

26) Agreed to the ninth power.

28) Haha, okay.

29) Yep, it is quite interesting... It's one thing I'll consider when I try to apply a different view of Tales to a headverse. Disney or not, it wasn't mentioned.

33) I say that because yes, at times he really did think he could get away with it. He thought he could impress Sweetheart in Blue Ribbon Blues by being a jerk. Shop Talk he didn't show remorse at the end (yeah, understandable). In Happy Birthday Sweetheart he didn't show any remorse until Sweetheart was hurt by everything. He never sees that there are consequences, hence thinking he can get off scot-free. This is something that can and will change, partially thanks to Sweetheart.

But yeah, that's just my thoughts on the matter. Agree to disagree and such.

35) You never know... maybe for failing his test he was grounded AND taken off the team.

38) Agreed to the tenth power!

39) Yeah, I'd like that. At the beginning it's understandable, to introduce people, even if they most likely have seen Tales before. But now there is no reason, and yet, comparing characters is totally cool with me. Just not saying "90s Rainbow Dash" or something is fine. 8)

40) Agreed. Tales pulled it off a lot though.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 13, 2014, 05:05:21 am »
1) Eeeyup squared.

2) It DOES matter, but I uninformedly agree that they are interchangeable.

3) Yes. Obvious answers are no fun! THAT'S why I choose to reinvent the Tales universe into a world that looks like ours but ISN'T! 8D

5) Oh yes, that'll have to go into your fanfic~

6) Agreed to the thousandth power. YES there are different levels of jerkness, and no developed character's jerkness is the same as another's. Teddy and Ace, even at their worst, don't get much worse than the two instances you mentioned with Mr. Bart Simpson. I haven't seen it for myself, but I'll take your word for it.

But yeah, I think Teddy is great at rousing ponies' nerves... but STINKS at the actual insult part.

7) Yep! Thanks! Even with how much I think, think, think about Tales, I still somehow learn stuff from talking with you... not surprising, really. Different interpretations are fun.

8) Black Lagoon... never heard of it. But from the sounds, yes.

9) Mr. Tidwell is Best Pony in my subjective opinion! The show's over, that's all folks! *tomato whizzes by*

10) Eeeeeeyup. Must be something in their saliva that keeps them from contracting disease left and right, and I would propose the idea that Equestria doesn't have germs like we do if Rarity hadn't mentioned them. That doesn't even count the earth ponies and pegasi picking things up with their mouths either.

Agreed. The Tales ponies are also developed differently from the G4 ponies. Even though I remember Patch carrying her sword offstage in her mouth in Play's the Thing. I shall think this over because it is a *gasp* PATTERN! I must write a fanfic about thisin my diary!

11) Oh sure!

12) Hmm, maybe. I'm not really on YouTube though. I should bug one of the brony peeps and hope for the best. Preferably someone who does LPS too, because that shows that they are at least tolerant of stuff.

13) Oh yes. Yes yes yes.

14) Yep, there is something to be said for Miss Frizzle and Miss Hackney's catchphrases. Maybe they read the same manual, but then that would mean that The Magic Schoolbus existed in the Talesverse as real characters, and... dang.

15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8gS-aWGc38

16) Uhhhyup. But more importantly, they are different characters in their own right.

17) I need to research more things to mash Tales up with... I'll have something running soon I'll need your help with reference-wise, so... yeh.

18) True. Miss Hackney does teach her students more stuff, but they have different teaching styles too.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 12, 2014, 12:59:37 am »
Aaaand I'm halfway through Masquerade. I can't wait to see what you have to say. Some amazing points come up when we do these reply strings.

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 11, 2014, 06:08:10 pm »
1) George Arthur Bloom your favorite writer, possibly… hm, I dunno myself. Donna Harman put a special emphasis on character interactions in her two episodes (The Play’s the Thing and Up Up and Away) but she only wrote two, though if I had a favorite writer (I really don’t) it’d be her thanks to her adhering to my writing Constitution.

2) It really doesn’t look that run-down. I wonder if the girls did any maintenance.

3) Because it’s a secret club, DUUUUH! And the bank owns the house and they cannot be caught trespassing. But it’s a secret club, so naturally they aren’t going to go in the front door.

4) Meh. A lot of things don’t make sense.

5) Patch is, also taking a word from the comics, brill at construction. Like, whoa. A catamaran, a go-cart, presumably a good many of the sets in Play’s the Thing and her clubhouse to name some. All of that could be explained by her adoptive dad (presumably) having a career in construction (Princess Problems - Patch wants to help him build something).

But Patch with electricity? Dangnabbit, sometimes this show makes it hard not to give Patch the one-up in everything. The girl has a lot of crazy-mad skills.

Also, headcanon accepted.

6) I think of the lumpy biscuit things as scones thanks to the resemblance to the stuff at the end of the episode. Logan asks if someone can “send the scones over here” then.

7) Poor Clover never gets a break.

8) THANK YOU for bringing up the fact that Twilight isn’t a scientist.

9) If the later visuals are anything to go by, Starlight at least does. The Bon Bon of my headcanon does the same, partially thanks to her naughty magazines.

9) Yes, agreed! People are idiots if they don’t hear the lyrics in this thing. And this song has too much of an awesome catchy beat and a groovy snare drum instrumental to dislike. Not that I would if the beat and drum were terrible. And yeah, I think Ace smells like sauerkraut when he sweats.

10) Agreed. (Also, who is “Startlight?” The opposite of “Stoplight?”)

11) Dang, I never thought of that. I always just thought that it was ironic coming from the tomboyish one of the group. Like she was going to add something about how amazing she was for putting up with them. But eenope. Even if she IS, she isn’t a hateful character.

And oh gosh the Rainbow Dash thing… don’t remind me...

12) Teehee. Starlight punned and Clover sassily pointed out the obvious.

13) “No laughing matter” coming from Miss Circus Clown herself… I always noted that. Also, thieving rings confirmed for existence in the Talesverse. I thought that’d be interesting to note for someone like you who places Tales on the “realistic-optimistic” spot on the scale.

14) I think Miss Hackney even referred to the class as “my little ponies” a few times.

15) Great speech and all, Starlight and BD, but… wasn’t it the Japanese and not the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor? 8’ I mean, I could be wrong, but… that’s what I thought happened.

16) Old knapsacks most likely. And Patch being organized… dang, I am having a difficult time figuring out where on the spectrum of messy she is. Her room was clean but disorganized (clothes sticking out of drawers) in Princess Problems. And here she’s a drill sergeant when it comes to getting the pranks done.

I guess she’s like Pepper Clark: she takes her non-serious jokes seriously. But then she also has the serious streak aside from that.

17) ...It’s honey. Not very HONEY-ish honey, but honey. I’d be horrified beyond belief if Mr. Barrington said, “I see you’ve got spunk, kids” after the entire thing was over with. And come to think of it, they didn’t mention it was honey until then. 0_0

18) Classic pranks. And here we learn that Patch has used each of these on her own before, Clover just as clumsy at construction as she is at everything else, and Bright Eyes is a brill painter.

19) Because Patch refers to each different spot for the prank as ‘battle stations.’ I find that amusing.

20) You’ve got to admit, though, Bon Bon rushing to pick her up from sitting in the puddle of honey was a pretty nice gesture.

21) Bees appeared in Birds of a Feather, where they chase after Bon Bon’s fruity hat, and had angry faces. with little noses and long skinny necks They also live in tree trunks and chase ponies for no reason (possibly being territorial). All of them have stingers and Bon Bon appears to have a particular fear of them over Ace, Patch and Bright Eyes. They have weird bodies, too, and… hands...

...And animals are shown to have knowledge of pony language and culture and, though animals are sentient in our world, they have minds more like those of human beings in the Tales world. Gosh...

21) Agreed. AKOM might have unintentionally given Sweetheart or Bon Bon ventriloquism abilities, but they know how to animate a show.

22) Ahh, Starl… it’s just like her to offer help.

23) Clover and Melody working together on that one part of the paintjob and Sweetheart moving the leaves all around the yard instead of into one pile… sounds like they didn’t do a whole lot on screen (offscreen for the most part, I believe).

24) In the picture, Bon Bon is freaked out by her bad hair day.

25) Oh, Sweetheart, never change…

26) I think Logan was voiced by Chiara Zanni. I mean, the dude sounds like Bon Bon at least.

27) Logan hardly ever comes to the meetings, though the clubhouse DOES reappear (Out of Luck, Great Lemonade Stand Wars, Birds of a Feather). Mrs. Barrington makes an appearance in Shop Talk with Starlight’s mom. Her hair was styled and they were going to go get a new gown to go with her new hairstyle together, so… not only did they meet, but they are on very good terms. Neat.

28) Aww yeah, and that response I will write will be filled with all of my favorite things: excellent characterization, Tales, character depth, dark implications, and dynamic development!

The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:35:48 pm »
1)   Alright, because I feel like it, I’m mentioning my name for “guy 90’s version of Rarity:” Lonely Pony. He is so terribly lonely in Roll Around the Clock, in his numerous background appearances. Well, he probably has a real name, but I call him Lonely most the time.

2)   I noticed that they call the thing tons of different names. Cassette deck, tape recorder, cassette player, other stuff. In one fanfic that has been abandoned on my part it was a running gag that the main character had no real idea what to think of it as, so she just called it “Melody’s fancy new toy.” Also, headcanon: Clover and Melody, after selling their tickets to see the Cleveland Bays in And The Winner Is…, bought both a pizza and this mechanical marvel. And the episodes are right next to each other.

3)   I’ve always thought of the button she pushed as the rewind one (and it was improperly put in for whatever reason). But yeah, what gives?

4)   Hmm… very valid point with Teddy’s similarity to those blasted bronies. Before I had a dislike of Teddy, but now I’m… actually pretty cool with the guy.

5)   Lots of sense indeed, on the Eddy Teddy point.

6)   Wow, and I thought he was a competent bully… guess not. Being unbearable is a much more Teddy-ish way of meanness anyway.

7)   That was a jerk thing of Teddy to do… but yeah, the machine does seem like it’d be the problem if they couldn’t work it. Never thought of that particular possibility before!

8)   Gilda and Teddy WOULD get along…

9)   *gasp* MR. TIDWELL! I like that guy; fun but nothing is inherently special about him. And he’s friends with Sweetheart, which makes him 20% cooler. (blaaaaaaahhhhhh…)

10)   Amusing detail: Patch briefly picks around in the box with her mouth. Patch confirmed for not being afraid of germs or

11)   It would be funny is Miss Hackney actually DID do a fashion show. Hmm… very interesting. Good on Miss Hackney to stop other ponies’ potential decapitation by explaining what was going on too.

12)   Make that two of us. I have tried getting it from the episodes before, but I haven’t been able to do it! One person has composed an orchestral version of the theme song, the “Oh noes” theme with the xylophone and the trumpet, and the “sad” theme, but the official ones haven’t come up yet, and Unhappy Orchestra hasn’t done any more of those in months… )8’(

13)   I bet the rumor mill spins, like, crazy fast in the Tales verse. I dunno why…

14)   “Learn by doing as always been my motto!” “I’ve always said learning should be fun, right class?” “Remember there are no small parts, only small actors.” Miss H has a bunch of catchphrases. Well, only these three that I can call to memory right away. But yes. (Lines are from Stand By Me, Apple for Starlight and Play’s the Thing, just for the sake of saying).

15)   What the- Magic Schoolbus or Doctor Who? Or Time Warp Trio? Blah…

16)   I find it heartwarmingly adorable when someone asks what a word means. Do you remember Sweetheart’s precious “what’s an unnnderstudy?” in Send in the Clown? Because that was so cute. That whole EPISODE was so dang cute. EVEN by Tales standards.

17)   Sweetheart’s determined look is amazing.

18)   People use this episode, Apple for Starlight and somehow Up Up and Away to say that Miss Hackney is an incompetent teacher… nuts to that noise! >:0

(I’m continuing off of your RPGNet thread. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?711230-Where-I-Watch-My-Little-Pony-Tales/page3.

19)   It makes very much sense that that particular punishment is the that is chosen.

20)   Sweetheart’s speech patterns and personality are as adorable as ever, I see.

21)   …Or the fifty reasons why Lumpy (uh, Tommy Oliver/Bronycurious) is wrong by Notes. I need to rewrite it someday, or make a series to refute his points. Eventually.

22)   Bright Eyes is HIGHLY logical, and I bet I could come up with that many reasons why I dislike my enemy. So I could see it.

23)   Bright Eyes really is hilarious in this scene. Insulting Teddy to his face and later on, when Starlight says, “Sorry, not supposed to take sides,” she retorts, “Well, I CAN.” Then she wipes her face off with a napkin and stomps up to the Tales table.

24)   Great detail here, though. Melody and Sweetheart’s characters and the animation stuff. The forlorn sigh and Sweetheart’s glance at Teddy, the animation you mentioned with Mel and Sweet, and the aforementioned Bright Eyes sass.

25)   Coltenville Mane SIX? Again, dude?

26)   The tone of voice when Patch says her line about “Him or us” proves that she has a great voice. She is arguably the funnest, happy-go-luckiest ponies in the show and has a voice to prove it, and yet her voice can take on that earnestness in
The Masquerade, the pure sadness in Princess Problems, and the seriousness that crops up. All of the Tales actors are pretty
dang good like hers, though. So yes…

27)   Clover: B-But what about ME? (I noticed that earlier in the scene, you can see Patch ranting on to Clover about something. I wonder what that’s about.)

28)   Sweetheart is a boss.

29)   Actually, I believe they had a cross or some kind of tab or something in Sister of the Bride, meaning that the Blooms at least have some kind of religion (or Meadowlark at least). But I imagine that courtrooms in Tales do work differently in that they don’t have that particular facet of the vow. Great point.

30)   Ahah, chapter twenty six of TCAT nostalgia.

31)   Actually she says that it is just like him, not that it would be out of character for him to do it without them watching. But very amusing error. XD

32)   Sweetheart is adorable as always.

33)   It DOESN’T make a lot of sense. I’m not a big fan of the Teddy/Sweet pairing (and yeah, I prefer the idea of them being like brother and sister like in Odyssey for Truth). Teddy is a jerk, he does jerk things, and I see where they’re coming from.

It is not the actions themselves that imply stuff for me, for the most part. It is the psychology that Teddy feels it is okay to do those things (even if he does fix them). Interesting implications that he isn’t quite as nice as we think.

The only time I say Teddy was assaulting anyone was when he jumped out at Sweetheart wearing a mask. And yet no, that’s not an assault by ten-year-old standards. Once, my dad even jumped me in a gorilla mask (multiple times) as a joke and I view that as uncomical assault. But even I can recognize that what Teddy did was different. Ten year olds have different morality pallets. Cope with the circumstances. Deal with it. He owned up to what he did. And Sweetheart wasn’t physically hurt.

And as you stated, it WAS a jerk move. But he didn’t mean to, like you said. So yeah.

34)   Yep, great actors abound in Tales.

35)   He was in the team in Bon Bon’s Diary, but not in Just for Kicks. The team is very inconsistent though, so do what I do and take it with a grain of salt (NOTES TAKING A GRAIN OF SALT ABOUT TALES?!) and possibly develop a headcanon (cop out for taking something with a grain of salt on my part, but whatever).

36)   Eeeeeyup. Teddy experiences pressure when put on the spot. Either he has some deal with Mr. Tidwell, my headcanon dad for him, to stay out of that much trouble or he just doesn’t like suspension. Headcanon accepted.

37)   “Starlight! I-I mean… your honor! I’d like to call in a special surprise witness!” …Back to your regularly scheduled program.

38)   Lots of elements in the episode are a bit ‘meh’ for some people but it’s part of their immature characters. These characters have proper flaws, not pseudo-flaws as I’ve figured (personally) for G4.

39)   Melody is petty at times, but you know how I am with these “90s version of Rarity” things, and how I feel they devalue Tales. Melody is third best pony in my book thanks to that heart of gold she so clearly does have (and normally exhibits). Considering ALL of the canon, not just the cartoons.

40)   Everyone’s characterization in this episode was done properly, not with the super no-do-wrong a certain other show would pull. The writers here knew what they were doing, PERHAPS subtracting a few episodes. So people should quit that nitpicking.

41)   Yay! It’s all I’ve ever drea- Oh... Tea Party is done. I better jump right to it and hopefully not take a month. (,3( Yeah, hopefully I'll have it done before I go back to school on the 18th.

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