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Gaming / Re: WIP: Tales Mania game
« Last post by Notes on January 24, 2015, 12:40:35 am »
Any news?
Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« Last post by Bob-dude on January 09, 2015, 07:15:00 pm »
yup You'll need an account on the site to see the pics though, sadly. http://mlparena.com/index.php/topic,294582.0.html
Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« Last post by Notes on January 02, 2015, 07:25:45 pm »
I don't think there IS one! G1 had one?
The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Last post by Bob-dude on December 24, 2014, 01:05:43 am »
part 2
Unfortunately, this leads BE to catching the horrible desieze of ďHair in mah eyeĒites. Could be worse. Girl could have gotten introitis.  So basically BE butt continues itís scandalous make out session with the Rollarama floor. Is it really slut shaming if itís a ponyís rear end? Wouldnít that make it moreÖ butt shaming?
Seriously, not even the crickets?
Okay then, so my fail at punning aside, imaginary mini Teddy shows up to Lancer, and says that nowís the time to make fun of BE. Ted, this is why Sweetheart is going to be controlling your relationship in more than JUST the bedroom when you two get older.
Lancer makes a weak joke (though not as weak as half of my material) at BEís expense.)
Itís at this point that the rest of the imaginary mini Mane Seven pop in, each with different bits of advice.
Patch suggests dumping him, while Bon Bon suggests giving him a drug laced cookie to knock him out so she can carry him back to her underground bakery worship and fatten him at her convenience and-
Ah, seems I got the show plot mixed up with my Tales expansion fetish Cupcakes rewrite plotline***
So while the girls and Teddy are babbing, imaginary mini Ace and Melody inch closer together.
Ace: So, want to get together and make out when all this is done?
Melody: What are you talking about? None of us actually exist, weíre just a clever metaphor for abstract thought and pony peer pressure.
Ace: So thatís a no then?
Melody: (winks Saucily) Didnít say that, now did I?
Eventually all of this conflicting advice cumulates in Lancer and BE yelling at their imaginary mini friends, telling them to buzz off and get lost. Unfortunately, both think that the other is telling them to do that.
 BE makes a comment on how she didnít realize Lancer could be such a jerk, while Lancer comments on how he didnít think that BE could be such an airhead. Strangely, I actually like the airhead comment. Shows that Lancer is attracted to BE more than just her physical appearance.
Both Ace and Melody expression confusion and disappointment at their OTP not becoming a thing.
We cut to some ambiguous amount of time later (could be later the afternoon, few days later, who the heck knows. Space is warped and time is bendable my friends) where Bright Eyes is giving out tickets for the contest. After Brownie and Bonís go through, she puts her front hooves on her face and sigh.
Then she realizes that itís not a roller contest without some fat beats yo (because thatís how people talked hip in 1992??). Quick cut of Lancer at the record player and BE makes her way over with a huge stack of vinyls.
And much like before, BE lands on her butt. Guess the floor took it back after all. Whatís really amazing however, is the fact that the vinyls havenít shattered into a billion little crackly pieces. I mean just what the heck are these record MADE out of. Then again this is the world where cardboard makes metallic sounds when hit, so I guess my MST3K quote was more apt then even I realized.
Lancer skates over and offers to helps BE up. We have some more adorkableness between Eyes and Lancer, which is only SLIGHTLY negated by the fact that BE moves her head, knocking the records that were resting on top like a Janga piece come clattering down to the floor.
BE accepts Lancerís offer and admits that she wasnít acting like herself.
Lancer: I thought Iíd have to do something truly, TRULY outrageous just to get you to notice me!
BE once again brings up the fact that she isnít a very good skater, but Lancer says he can teach her and with that their off and the contest is one.
Fun fact, the BGM is apparently that little rock riff that the Cleveland Bays play. Iím okay with this personally, more rock in the world is only a good thing far as Iím concerned.
So while Lancer and Bright Eyes are lost in in the rhythm that is the power of skate dancing, the contest wages onwards!
And our announcer pony guy isÖ Cornyís dad?! Granted, different pony but itís clearly the same VA. Eh, oh well. Least nameless VA guy has a rich, chocolatey voice of awesomeness to listen to.
Announcer pony goes onto explain that heíll be the one eliminating teams, last one standing will be the next Ponylander- I mean, winner of the Rollarama skate couples tournament thingy.
Ö ANNNDDD both Clover and blue pony fall to the ground barrel first. Ah. I see that the floor is paying Bright Eyeís butt back for cheating on it like it did.
Blue coat/blond mane pony says it was nice while it lasted, but Clover laminates that she wishes it could have lasted longer. Not sure why sheís complaining, I mean the antidote reversed the Passion Patties weight gain effects and- Oh, wrong Clover****
Next on the old chopping block is Teddy and Sweetheart. Teddy, being a block head, clearly learned nothing as he tries to once again Crack that Whip. This sends poor Sweetheart butt bumping into the judge, which is apparently against the rules as the two are disqualified.
Ace and Melody follow, with each of them trying to out ďTa-DaĒ the other, only for both of them to come crashing down to the floor and blaming the other for the fall. Why do I get the feeling this is some WEIRD foreshadowing of their potential love/married life together?
Bon Bon and Spinny Top Pony arenít even skating, their just following Anthroquestria Mrs. Harshwhinnieís philosophy of letting their stomachs have their fair say. Unforntantly, as the judge reminds them, this is a skating contest, not an eating contest. Though if it was, these two would win ALL the eating contests. ALL of them.

But yeah, they get thrown out of the contest.
Patch and Buddy are playing hockey. In the middle of a roller skating contest. No guesses as to how this one turns out people. Interesting thing to note though, Coltenvillie/Ponyland/Nameless Tales Town has a hockey team. We need a name for this team people, I donít care HOW punny it is, we NEED it Dang it!
So this just leaves both Bright Eyes and Lancer, who are showing freaky high amounts of skating skillzels. Seriously, this is the first time either of them have skating together and their pulling off Pony Olympic level stunts. If Lancer wasnít loaded, these two could probably roller dance for a living and make a pretty good deal of it.
So between their crazy good skate skills, and everyone epically FAILING at skating as couples, Lancer and Bright Eyes win by default!
Melody and Ace are confused as to why/how Brance became a thing, with Melody saying that Bright Eyes didnít follow any of their rules and Ace remarking that Lancer came off as a loser.
Sweetheart, being the romantic of the group, comments that they donít look like losers to her (in a adorable voice that only 1992 Maggie Blue can pull off) and that they look perfect together.
I see Sweetheart was into shipping before a majority of Tumblrís users were even born.*X5
And our episode ends with Lancer and Bright Eyes holding their hard earned trophy together.

So yeah, this episode by itself is sweet, if not terribly standoutish from past and future episodes to come, but I like it. I think both Lancer and Bright Eyes make a cute, and more importantly, normal couple compared to the Tales Love Triangle and the ongoing drama of Sweetedy. (Like I said, ship names are HARD).  Makes for a nice contrast I think, plus I like how these kids clearly like one another for more than just the physical. Itís sweet.
Plus, if youíre into shipping and OTPs and all that, then this episode was MADE for you.

To ship or not to ship, that is the question within this episode.
Personally, I think the guy ponies that arenít Ace, Lancer, and Ted are all optional. Could be potential boyfriends, could be just Ďfriends who happen to be guysí (coughPatchandBuddycough). As for Tales triangle, Iíll go into more depth in that one when we get to Just for Kicks.
Next time Patch becomes a winged/horned freak of nature and 1992 BBS message boards go ablaze with rage, with their battle of ĎEARTHY NOT PRINCESSYí as we encounter ourselves some Princess Problems.

*Well it finally happened people, Iíve finally hit an all new low! Ripping off Seth Mcfarland jokes! And they said it couldnít be done (badly).
+ Because forget G4 Spike and his on/off emotional problems, at least G1 and G3 Spike had their collective stuff together emotionally speak.
** And for those of you who wish to point out that Lancer isnít wearing any pants, well let me remind you that neither doesnít Fancy Pants in Fim, and yet no one ever gives HIM any pony poo over the weirdness of his name.
*** There is no Tales expansion fetish Cupcakes rewrite plotline. That cupcake is sadly a lie.
**** Note to self, request art pic of Tales cast replacing Totally Spies cast from the Passion Patties episode.
*X5 Because Ďbefore it was coolí would have been too predictable.
The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Last post by Bob-dude on December 24, 2014, 01:05:20 am »
Review 14
You know, people often ask me if thereís a Misses Bob-Dude. Of course there is, this is her.
So where has Bob been these past few months? The Bob has been busy. School work, TF2 stuff (mostly a Pro,  Engi, and Heavy man myself), and working on and off on writing projects that I may/may ever get around to actually completing. But yeah, figure everyone could use an early X mas present (or whatever your winter holiday of choice is).
 Speaking of significant others though, itís time to roll back the clock to 1992 so we canÖ Roll around the Clock. Ö To Love!
Both Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough are returning for writing duties, just FYI.
Well regardless we open to the exterior shot of the local roller skating rink, the Rollarama with Bon Bon and some cholate brown pony (not to be confused with the cholate pony tumblr blog that is)Eh, not the greatest of names but after 4 seasons of pony puns, Iíll take it.
Also, a thought occurs to me that between the rink, the schoolhouse, the town square, the art gallery, the PTV studio, the jazzercise building (which Iíll be getting into at a later review), and all the other locations Iím no doubt forgetting, Nameless Pony Town/Coltenvillie really is sort of like the pony version of Hill Valley in terms of ambiguous size and all that.
Maybe what Blue Ribbon Blues really needed was a Doc Brown Cameo. 

But my inane ramblings aside, we cut to the inside of the building, where the REAL mane seven+ are practicing their skate skills withÖ the opposite gender?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
What new spore of madness is- Oh, wait, forgot this was the group of friends that had some actual romantic based libido in them. Never mind.
So yeah, we got ourselves some new male ponies, sadly this is (I think) their only appearance in the show (thanks limited one season format!)
So inside the rink Melody shows off some made roller skating skills (Me, I was always five left feet with those dang things, all the grace of a drunk Turkey made of Jello) biped style and Ace reponds that he could do Melodyís twist spin jump in midair thing blind folded, and proceeds to do just that (minus the blind fold that is)
You know itís scenes like these that really make me conflicted on if I should ship Mace (MelodyXAce, hey you think coming up with these silly cutesy ship names is easy?) or let Rock N Roll be Melodyís first and one real love, with her love life as a young adult being of the ĎLove them and leave them fastĒ variety. But enough of my pointless headcanonings!
Starlight comments to random blue pony with purple mane that they (Melody and Ace) are quite good and that thereís going to be a lot of competition for the roller skate contest. She then adds that sheís glad that blue pony is her partner. Blue pony says theyíll be perfect.
You know, if people can take the purely platonic friendships of G4 Rarity and Applejack, Samwise and Frodo, and Watson and Holmes, then god only knows what they would have made out of Starlight and Knotyís tones of voice.
So then Clover and a blue pony with a messy blond mane skate by. Clover being Clover, they quickly trip and fall on their barrels, though blue/blond pony seems to be pretty easy going, laughing it off. Think is name MIGHT be Dandy, but Cloverís voice makes it hard to pick out with the background music going on.
Patch and a fellow hockey buddy named, well. Buddy, leap on past Clover and Dandy (or maybe Spin Top, given his flank symbol).
Teddy tries to get Sweetheart to crack the whip William style (Ei two leg style) but his skate pops off and they fail miserably with Teddy crashing his dark blue butt down on the ground for his troubles. Universe has a strange way of punishing Teddy for his misdeeds.
While the 1992 Rule 63 version of Rarity skates by we cut to the entrance office of the skate rink, where Bright Eyes is working part time, probably for extra money or something. Bright Eyes sets a stack of vinyl records (giving me flashing images of my familyís basement, ya couldnít have collected baseball cards or something smaller, could ya dad?) *insert pic of records crates later when she hears a ringing in at the front desk. On her way over she proves herself to be the Clover (or if you will, Bob Dude) of roller skates when she falls down on mid-way.
Turns out its Bon Bon and cholate brown pony. Bon Bon asks if BE is in there, and Bright Eyes struggles to lift herself to the desk. Cholate brown pony asks for two tickets to the skate contest, and Bright Eyes takes off her front skates so she can rip off the needed tickets (for some reason that little bit amuses me a lot. No idea whyÖ) but a ringing code phone (like the kind Bonís older sister Misty has for a flank symbol) takes her attention away. Think CBPís name is Danny, but donít quote me on that. Eh, so long as Bonís doesnít accidently get him killed while talking on the phone and indirectly turning him into a zombie CyberPony, I think Danny will be okay.
Thankfully, itís Mr. NotJerk Pony (aka Lancer) to the rescue! Kidís apparently much closer to the phone as he picks it up before BE is barely half way across the room (which is very long now that I think about it, though this could just be wonky perspectives talking).
In all of Bright Eyes infinite wisdom, she decided to skate across the room biped style with only two skates on her hind legs. The only problem with this is give that BE is a quadaped by nature, she isnít exactly the most graceful creature on 8 wheels (hell, she wasnít the most graceful with 16).
Oh, and turns out Bright Eyes doesnít know how to stop herself and bounces into Lancer. With a BONG sound effect. I am not making this up folks.
Man I knew Tales Ponyland had issues with the amounts of plastic in the kiddie cereal, but I didnít think it was THAT bad. That or Tales ponies are just naturally bouncy like Tigger from the 100 Acer Wood. Or Bright Eyes and Lancer are just naturally bouncy together.
Lancer hoofs the phone over and BE takes it, pulling a Teddy as her aquamarine bottom and the floor start their sordid love affair. You know what, forget SweetTed or Brancer. BEís butt and Rollamara floor is the REAL Ship paring in this episode.
BE says to the phone that they do still have more tickets (got more tickets there than G3 has pink. And G3 is going to have a LOT of pink at one point my friends, but that is for a future review.) once more getting back up to the table and placing the phone back on the receiver.
BE says Lancer can go and skate since she can hold down the fort and mane the tickets, but Lancer picks up the giant circle roll of ticketsÖ only for it to go al unwound on Bright Eyes, tangling the poor girl up.
Lancer offers to get another roll of tickets and then get out of BEís mane. BE looking at him with the same look from earlier (not quite sure is up with that scene there honestly) before her butt and the floor continue their make out session, ie she falls bottom first again.
Spin Top reminds BE about the ticket, and the girl does the smart thing and slinks along the ground, ticket roll skill wrapped around her. And yet she still looks more dignified then I ever did on those blasted things.
She manages to reach up to the ticket booth table and gives Bon and Brownie their tickets, with Brownie thanking BE.
Then Starlight, Clover, and Patch skate into the room. Probably helps that the door was wide open.
As Starlight helps BE get the roll of tickets off of her she (Starlight that is) mentions that Lancer doesnít have a partner yet for the Local Yolkle Yodeling contest. Oh, and the skate contest too I guess.
Both Starlight and BE standup Biped style and look out at Lancer, who clearly has some skate skillzes on him. BE comments on Best Blue Ponyís abilities, saying that sheíd probably just embarrassed him if she were his partner.
As Lancer is skating from a back room across the skating stage, Ace and Teddy skate next to him and say that BE doesnít have a partner for the contest either.
So does this mean that Starlight and Ace are on the same wavelength? You know, got half a mind to turn the Tales love Ďtriangleí into a three way and call it a day at this point (curse you Tumblr!).
Lancer and the boys glance over to BE, who is helping out Rule 63 1992 Rarity and Lance comments on BEís cuteness and how he like to be partners with her, but that it isnít likely given how busy she is with the tickets and what not.
Ace says that Lancer has the wrong attitude and Teddy says that if he wants BE (as a skate partner) that he should go get her. Lancer, being not unlike the Great and Dudeful Bob, is too much of a nice guy to try something like that.
Meanwhile, Starlight, Bon Bon, Melody and Clover talk about how itís obvious that BE has a thing for Lancer. Melody says that BE just needs a lesson in being sassy/charming. Mels, not everyone has your natural sass, weíve gone over this.
Starlight, what with working part time at her familyís ice cream shop/mane salon, suggests a make over.
This can only end well, I can tell.
We cut to the Tales Hall of Justice, aka the Rainbow Beauty Salon, where BE is protesting her makeover saying she still has a lot of work to get done. But the rest of the girls insist that sheís already finished everything, and that all is left is to get her ready for Lancer.
Even Patch is here, which I mind amusing. But good to see that even the local tomboy is willing to indulge in some girlyness if itís to help a friend (not so sure if sheíd be crazy about it if it was happening to her though.).
Apparently this involves planting BEís butt on a chair (that cheating rump!) and spinning her around like a top. Melody, you do know that Wonder Pony was just a TV show right?
We then cut to the TailTrioís Hall of Justice, which in this case is a very solid looking tree house of all things. It even has an old couch and chair, the kind with the stuffing falling out and everything. I think this is the only time we ever see this place and itís a shame, I actually kinda like it. Makes for an interesting, if a bit clichť gender role wise, contrast to the Ice cream bar the girls normally hang out with. 
I have to say though, why they have a barrel on the outside of the house next to the door is beyond me.
So while the girls are giving BE their make over, Ace and Teddy are giving their own version of one for Lance. And what better way to do it then by singing?

Thatís right, itís time again for the Obligatory Tales Song!
*yaying sound effect*
Itís a cute little number that, while it lacks the trumpets and bombasticness of Think Again, still has itís moments. Also, Teddy, you have a most ONE on and off GF, I really doubt your one to talking about having girls hanging all over you. Furthermore, we all know whoís REALLY going to be holding the lease in your relationship when the two of you get older.
Bon Bon apparently clearly subscribes to the idea of the closest way to a ponyís heart is through their stomach. You best be taking some Notes there Patch ;D
Patch, being Patch, finds exercising the to a good way to get a boys attention. Depending on oneís interests, sheís not wrong there people.
Basically, their respective viewpoints can be summed as: Act like Brooding Bad Boy (Lancer) Who Just Doesnít Care and Pretty AirHead with Sassy and Style (BE).
Yup, canít see this going wrong anywhere.
Song ends with them looking like this.
*insert pic
Given that this is the part of the 90s where the 80s still held itís firm but dying grip, Iíd say this kids came out okay in the end all things considered. Look less silly then those 80s ponies from Putting Your Hooves Down at least.
So we cut back to the Rollarama rink where Lancer is skating about with his skill-but-not-as-silly-as 2010s era-sunglasses shades and blue and white headband.
Saucy Eyes (who is hanging out with Starlight, Melody, Patch, and Cover) expresses doubts at this whole thing and tries to skate off, but Starlight grabs her by the tail.  Curse you pony anatomy!
Lancer expresses his own doubts of this plan working, but both Ace and Teddy launch him towards BE, while the girls do the same for our favorite pony environmentalist.
Sadly there is less BONGing this time, as both Lance the Pants** and Saucy Eyes stop a foot or so away from one another. Pity, that BONG sound effect amused me.
A moment of adorkable awkwardness passes between the two, before an imaginary mini version of Ace appears to give Lance advice. Tells him to say how cool HE (Lancer). Because, you know, why would a girl want to be complemented or anything like that?
Lancerís idea of cool? Having the largest book collection in school.
Elsewhere in the Multiverse.
Storebelle: HA!
Meanwhile, back in the year 1992, even Ace has to facehoof at that. Could be worse imaginary Ace, he could have talked about how awesome his doll is with itís pad of paper and mini pencil, for pretend homework nights! Even BE would think that would be pretty sad and pitiful.
Thankfully though, she takes it with indifferent stride. Then imaginary mini Melody (try saying that 10 times fast) pops up and suggests that BE should whip her mane back and forth. Thus netting her 15 minutes of fame before everyone realizes how freaking annoying her song really is- Wait, no, thatís a different thing.

Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« Last post by Bob-dude on December 22, 2014, 04:28:07 am »
Happy to help. Something that could also be cool (if it exists) would be pages from the shows bible, assuming it had one. Know that the first G1 cartoon series had one, so it would make sense that Tales would too.
Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« Last post by Notes on December 22, 2014, 12:18:04 am »
Ooh, good ideas!
Suggestions/Problems / Re: Hey.
« Last post by Bob-dude on December 21, 2014, 08:34:47 pm »
Facebook page, Tales account other than Out of Context Tales linked to the form? Official Twitter account?
Suggestions/Problems / Hey.
« Last post by Notes on December 20, 2014, 02:10:18 am »
Guys, I miss this place. Therefore we need to get more interest in Tales Mania again! This is the thread dedicated to suggestions to do just that.
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Wildshadow on September 20, 2014, 11:52:11 pm »
Crap! Was going to resize the pics I took of the tales pages but I guess photobucket's editor doesn't want to work for me now -.-

I'll have to do it later it seems -sighs-
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