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Introductions / Re: Me!
« Last post by Notes on September 19, 2014, 01:15:40 am »
Whoa! That'll be a first... good for you, Wildshadow!
Introductions / Re: Me!
« Last post by Wildshadow on September 18, 2014, 07:24:45 am »
Thanks everyone!

Random add, I think I'm about 9 away from having all the Tales comics o.O
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Notes on September 14, 2014, 02:23:48 am »
I know, right?!
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Kat on September 11, 2014, 10:15:27 pm »
Well that's good in the way that I don't feel so bad about not having it! ;)

Too bad they're all similarly posed. It would have been cool to have a colouring book with stories!
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Wildshadow on September 09, 2014, 02:45:25 am »

Is it a Tales-centric colouring book, or is it other G1 ponies? If it's Tales you need to scan that thing!

Clover looks so high on that cover though.

Bunch of other G1s are in it =D

The Tales characters are mostly in the same pose though D= and Bright Eyes is in it twice so Clover isn't there. Would have been better if it was all Tales, heh.
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Kat on September 08, 2014, 06:06:23 pm »

Is it a Tales-centric colouring book, or is it other G1 ponies? If it's Tales you need to scan that thing!

Clover looks so high on that cover though.
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Notes on September 08, 2014, 01:36:25 pm »
Starlight help me, those are amazing looking! I never even knew there was a coloring book... and oh, they're all so cute! And those free things from the comics are so nice too! Thank you for sharing!
Merchandise / Re: My items!
« Last post by Teddy on September 07, 2014, 09:54:51 pm »
OMG, awesome merchandise!! I've never seen those cute little comic items! You always have the coolest MLP stuff. Thanks for sharing, WS!!! ^-^
Merchandise / My items!
« Last post by Wildshadow on September 07, 2014, 08:00:14 pm »
Sorry for the large pictures, I'm posting it from my phone and can't mess with the image sizes in the PB app T.T

So besides my production stuff:

And besides my comics and the ponies and customs, I have these things.

The comb and pin came from the free gift on the comics. I think the necklace thing might have too but I got it in an accessory lot so not quite sure.

Then my books:

I'll post my other stuff once I dig it out =D
The Show / Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Last post by Bob-dude on August 25, 2014, 01:05:12 pm »
part 2

So, second line, coming out from the same behind!

And Generation Two, I do not mean to grouse and gripe,
but these characters fell right into the "girly" stereotypes   

Mr. De Lancy, I have to ask, do I have to track down Avery Brooks to give you a taste of 'The Sisko' again? Because I am sorely, SORELY tempted to do so. The reason I ask is because you do NOT seem to be comprehending the whole “Toyline not cartoon” concept. Seriously, was EVERYONE on this documentary to damn lazy to do a freaking Google search? Because you want to know what I came across with a quick use of Google Fu? THIS! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Little_Pony#Generation_Two
Seriously, five freaking seconds is ALL it would have taken to clear this up, but oh no, this is the BRONY documentary. Because, ya know, the toy franchise for little girls wasn't worth dung until a buncha guys (and Luaren “hallowed be Her name” Faust) got into it.

And then, we go the second little line “ these characters fell right into the "girly" stereotypes”.
What. The. HELL. Does. That. Even. MEAN!?

Girly stereotypes, what KIND of stereotypes De Lancy?

That's like saying “Oh, X Character is so COOL!” The concept is so vague and abstract (we talking Fonzes style coolness, Marty Mcfly style coolness, Bill and Ted coolness?) as to be complete and utter empty NOTHINGNESS.

Oh yes, because no show has ever had a studious bookworm smarty pants, a fanshionetta, a shy soft spoken character, a wacky silly character with a child like mentality, or an athletic tomboy. Or a southern cowgirl, no sir ree, no one's EVER done a cowgirl archetype before.

Yes, before Friendship is Magic came along, the My Little Pony franchise had NEVER used those archetypes before.

Oh wait: Firefly, Patch, Sunnydaze, Gusty, Heart Throb, Bon Bon, G3.5 Dash, Poesy, Sundanese, Sweet Stuff, Sweetheart, Wisteria, Truly (for the Southern Belle accent), G1 Applejack, Wind Whistler, Bright Eyes, Kimmono, G3  Pinkie Pie (girl has a hella good head on her shoulders), Melody, North Star (British pony with love of adventure for the win), Storybelle, Minty, Starlight, hell, Clover Bloom's been doing Derpy's shtick since 1992 and with more character depth to boot!
And that's just names from the show that I can remember off hand!

The simple fact of the matter is that the much beloved 'mane six' fall into just as many of My Little Pony's stable of reused character archetypes as Generations past. Now, that isn't to say that their all EXCATLY the same character wise, even with the overlapping archetypes.

For example, Wind Whistler may be Spock as a flying female pony, but frankly the Spock stock of character isn't ever used that much for female characters, so she still has a unique enough of a twist to work on her own right.

Bright Eyes, by contrast, is less 'logic and reason' and more 'responsibility and environmental science!' She is, in essence, the 1992 version of the likes of Lisa Simpson or Haley Smith (albeit much less self righteous). Now while those type of characters aren't always the most well liked or well done, I think Bright Eyes had potential to do that character type well. She was able to find love with the one boy pony NOT going though their 'jerk' phase at the time and even went out to rescue an endangered animal species with her friends. So an adult, scientist version of Bright Eyes is certain unique among the other smart ponies.

Then there's Kimono. She has wisdom and a playful sense of humor, but clearly cares deeply for her G3 Ponyville friends and values her friendship with them. Now  Kimono's wisdom is a different type of intelligence from Bright Eyes scientific training or Wind Whistler's self controlled and logical approaches to life.

Then we have Twilight, who is a STRANGE mishmash of Wind Whistler and Bright Eyes, but as a magic using unicorn/alicorn. On the one hoof, she reads, studies, and loves her some hot checklist on checklist action. As many times are there are her taking the logical approach to things, there's just as many infamous moments where she just plain doesn't THINK things through (Wind Whistler would be both impressed and very disappointed with Twilight, Bright Eyes would find her abuse of the scientific method to be annoying and maybe even a bit insulting, and Kimono would just question why she didn't just do the OBVIOUS thing during her more emotional moments).

So the point being, the meeting between the four smart ponies of Ponydom would be... interesting to say the least.

But I've side tracked long enough, not that I can be blamed for doing so I would think, on with the song.

And Generation Three is just too awful and too tragic,
so let's jump to Number Four, where Friendship is Magic!

Its at this point, the G3 part, which we don't even get a picture of, though apparently it's SO HORRIFYING that's it not only causes the Devianart level OCs (no, wait, that's an insult to DA Ocs) to gasp, I say, gasp but also causes Derpy's eyes to temporarily go straight.

Not sure which one I should be more offended by honestly, the fact that they don't even bother to show anything of G3, or the fact that it's so 'awful' that it's capable of making Derpy's vision straight for a moment or two. (By that logic is Candyland capable of curing blindness?) Because apparently the color pink is up there with Lovecraftian style horrors. Cthulhu, The Yellow King? Please, those chumps ain't got dung on the pants pooping doomness that is... TEH COLOR PINK!

Also, I was NOT aware that this derpicdn.net/img/2013/3/28/281786/full.jpg , this derpicdn.net/img/2013/3/7/264749/full.jpg, or this derpicdn.net/img/2012/12/31/198183/full.jpg was what constituted as “awful and tragic”. I honestly always quite liked the backgrounds of G3 myself, character models may have been a bit TOO “on model” for a toy franchise maybe, but the distinct voices/characters didn't make telling the individual ponies apart that difficult, at least for me that is.

Hell, considering the Princess Promenade did more to deconstruct the concept of what it means to be a Princess (with Runaway Rainbow acting as a reconstruction) in 50 minutes than Friendship is Magic did in tackling the concept in all of season four I would say that in some ways G3 is-

And once more I am getting off topic. Regardless, I will save my thoughts on G3 for when I get around to reviewing it.

So, next line.

All the characters compelling, and the stellar storytelling,
and the lovely animation, brought about great dedication

Okay, do I really even need to point out just how goddamn VAGUE 'compelling characters and stellar storytelling' is? Want to know what else has that? Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. Want to know what also has completely stalled plotwise because the writer didn't bother to plan his “Originally Three novels turn seven book epic fantasy series” out? How the soap opera and cliffhanging 'strings' as it were are really starting to show? How we're five book (out of seven) into a series and the freaking ice zombies STILL haven't started attacking stuff yet?

That's right, Game of Thrones! Just because something has good storytelling and worthwild characters, doesn't mean that series or thing isn't without it's flaws or weakness.

Friendship is Magic may be a very good cartoon show, but that doesn't mean that between the botching of morals (though your milage will of course vary), characters, and plotlines, the usage of pop culture references that just at times don't make ANY in universe sense (why is Equestria even called that if the ponies aren't riden by anyone?), and the playful self awareness that gets just a touch... smug? Not really smug, but something close to it I guess.

It's on the next verse that we get all the different special little snowflakes that exist in the Brony community, who I can only assume never existed in an other fandom in the history of ever. And I figure the second verse may as well be where I bring up the Brony hate boner that's been showing for most of this rebuttal. People, when I say Brony/Brony community (in the context of this documentary/song) am I talking about the Bronies who worship at the alter of the Red Maned One, Lady Faust. Now to be sure, I'm sure there are plenty of Bronies out there who don't worship at the alter of the Faust or who don't treat the past pony generations like poop, but seeing as how this song is directed at those bronies that do, they are who I am referring to when I say 'Brony'.

Just so we clear.

And then we come to the third verse where we are graced by the presence of Tara “Twitter Attention Hog” Strong herself****

Hey! Forgetting somepony?
It seems your little lesson left the fairer sex neglected


Well when girls like little ponies, that's very much expected


Even so, you can't ignore these fillies' contributions,
we're involved in brony culture and we demand our inclusion!

We attend all the conventions, create art and music, too,
discuss the show, talk on forums, everything these dudes do!

No, we're not bros, but we're bronies,
though some prefer "pegasisters"

This part of the song... I am conflicted on. While I like and admire the fact that the documentary took it's time to acknowledge that, you know, there are girls/women that are apart of the franchise that is aimed at little girls some strange part of me is still rubbed the wrong way by those words. … In a different, less RAGE filled, way than the first half of the song.

So Tara Strong is like, “We're a thing too ya know!”

And I'm like... Isn't that kinda obvious? I mean, aside from the target audience of little girls, the toy collectors have been running stuff like this www.mylittleponycon.com/the_event
or this www.facebook.com/MyLittlePonyTradingPost or this
For a good number of years, WAY before 2010 and the Brony fandom became a thing. I mean, if not for the little girls, who ELSE is going to buy these mini colorful horses other than the women (and men) who collect them?

But I have once more allowed by keyboard to wander. That (for the purpose of the milestone special at least) was the Let's Go Meet the Bronies song. And honestly, it does not paint a good picture of them. Not because they brush up/slightly acknowledge the existence of 'clop' but because it puts their own show/fandom on a pedestal at the cost of throwing everything that came before it history wise under a metaphoric bus. It makes them look arrogant and disrespectful and... honestly, like children. I mean, what other reaction to the (admittedly very) 'femininity' of G3 by gasping in shock fits other than that of a child?

And if you aren't going to respect the past, then why should I respect the present you 'Bronies' represent?

My advice? If you can at all find it, go with the documentary My Little Obsession. mylittleobsessionmovie.com/trailer.html

Look guys, the honest truth of it is I wouldn't be going my reviews of My Little Pony Tales if not for Friendship is Magic, I'll freely admit that chances are good I wouldn't be a pony fan today if not for Luaren Faust and FiM. I'll also say that I don't hate either her or the show. Really, truly, I don't. I might poke some sarcastic fun here and there but that's all it is, that's what all of my jokes are in the end (even if it might not always come off as I intend). As for Faust herself? Got nothing against her, love that she's of the 'sane, non Tumblr' brand of feminism. I love her ideals, of her philosophy that there's “more than one way to be a girl.” But here's the thing, Luaren Faust is not the end all and be all everyone.

In fact, I'd argue that the My Little Pony franchise has been supporting Faust's goals since the very beginning. Bon Bon is never mocked for her dream of become a fashion model, Sunny Daze for her outgoing, tom boyish personality, hell, Wind Whistler's episode is all about showing how despite being the 'cold, logical one' that she does in fact care for her friends and that her controlled, reasonable approach is often the correct one. Patch's many interests, hobbies, and tomboyishness is also never looked down upon as well.

People, I call myself the “the fourth rate, third bit, deadman's version of Sun tzu” because that's what I am. I KNOW damn well I'm not that great a humorist or pony reviewer, not when the likes of Striker 5 and Sun tzu are out there. But what I lack in any sense of actual comedy or timing I make up for in one very important factor in these reviews: I always look on the sunny side of things. I try to stay positive and find SOMETHING nice to say about an episode, even if it's one I'm not that crazy about.

I think that the Internet has enough Nostalgia Critics, Angry Video Game Nerds, Spoonies, Linkarias, Red Letter Medias, Cinema Sins, and How it Should have Endeds. The LAST thing it needs is another glasses using, fedora wearing 20 something white guy complaining about how this or that ruined/raped his childhood (oh how I HATE that phrase). The Internet, and more importantly, the world, has enough negativity in it. When I started my review/Watch of MLP Tales, the one thing I wanted above all else was to make sure that I kept this whole experience a positive one.

So, hopefully we can leave Negative Neg Junction behind as we once again board the Positivity Train and continue with my reviewing and watching of My Little Pony Tales. 13 down, 13 to go.

**(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV-OF9wZWDs    www.pony.wallpaper-studio.com/Story.html )
***  www.mlparena.com/
**** For the record, I don't REALLY have anything against Mrs. Strong or her Twitter trolling for that matter. But the whole 'Queen of the Bronies' shtick does get a bit tiresome after a while, no?
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