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Minty's Tale
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:57:22 am »
I'm not exactly sure where this should go, but since this is more of a G3 fanfic, it should go here.
(Part 1 can be found on the MLP Arena)
                                                    Minty's Tale: Part 2
(At Kimono's temple...)
MINTY: Uh, Kimono, are you here, because I have this really weird scroll that I... (She notices that Kimono is not there) Kimono? Where are you? Oh boy, this is NOT good. (Back in Ponyville...)

SUNNY DAZE: ... And that's the last one. 166 pony somersaults and while eating lime sorbet! (Minty runs up and crashes into Sunny Daze) Whoa, Mints, what's up?

MINTY: (she takes a breath and then explains hurriedly) I found a scroll in my sock drawer an hour ago and showed everyone at Pinkie's party but no one knew what it was so I went to Kimono's and now SHE'S GONE!

SUNNY DAZE: Whoa, Mints...what was that again?

MINTY: (she sighs) I found a scroll at the bottom of my sock drawer...

SUNNY DAZE: Wait, hold it- you, found an ancient scroll in the bottom of your sock drawer? Unreal!

MINTY: ...Well, it WAS real all right, so why is it unreal?

SUNNY DAZE: Yeah, it's slang. Remember, I was an orphan pony who got adopted by some ponies in Manehattan in the G4 world, so that's where I learned to speak this awesome way.

MINTY: So, anyway...(she giggles) I went to Pinkie Pie's party...

SUNNY DAZE: The one that ended five minutes ago?

MINTY: Great, now I missed Pinkie's extra-special party... all because of this scroll...(she unfurls it again)

SUNNY DAZE: Wait, THAT'S the scroll?

MINTY: Yeah, so what? It isn't even green...

SUNNY DAZE: Let me see what it says... (she reads the scroll) Mints, don't you get it? This means something!

MINTY: What? Well, it sure said some pretty weird stuff and all...(she giggles nervously)

SUNNY DAZE: The scroll says that 'PONYVILLE WILL AGAIN BE IN MORTAL DANGER', right? Kimono being gone must be the start of this.

MINTY: Well, losing a friend is a pretty sad thing, but...

SUNNY DAZE: Kimono is the wisest pony in the land. Without her, if danger attacks from the outside, we'll be done for.

MINTY: Oh, I get it...But who was that one special pony who saved Ponyville last time?

SUNNY DAZE: I don't know. But this is awesome! We should go on a quest to figure out what's up with this scroll.

MINTY: Can I bring some socks... (Sunny Daze gives her a disbelieving look) Oh, never mind.

THISTLE WHISTLE: INCOMING!!!! (She crashes into Sunny Daze)

SUNNY DAZE: Whoa, Thistle, where'd you come from?

THISTLE WHISTLE: Well, I was flying around when I ran into some clouds, and you know I have hephophobia, so I got distracted and worried, then flew out of it and crash-landed here (she whistles). Got any ice cream?

SUNNY DAZE: Here's some extra lime sorbet from earlier. (Thistle Whistle takes it and eat it in one go).

THISTLE WHISTLE: Yep, that one's a winner! (She whistles)

MINTY: So anyway, heard about the scroll?


SUNNY DAZE: THIS scroll. (She shows it to Thistle Whistle, who reads it, then whistles).

THISTLE WHISTLE: Boy, was that weird. Possibly even more so then that candy cane incident last Christmas...

MINTY: Don't remind me...

THISTLE WHISTLE: Well, we'd better go see Cloud Climber about this. Maybe she can make sense of all of this.

SUNNY DAZE: But, like, who CAN make sense of this stuff?

MINTY: Kimono could, but there's a minor problem if we went to see her.

THISTLE WHISTLE: And what is that?

MINTY: She's gone. (Thistle Whistle gasps)

THISTLE WHISTLE: Oh my, this is bad, very bad indeed, to the bunkers, everyo-(Minty quiets her) Oops, sorry (she whistles nervously). Now let's go! (the three run off to find Cloud Climber) (Meanwhile, in Twilight's library...)

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Ah yes, just another relaxing day in Ponyville.

APPLEJACK: If Big Mac were here, he'd probably go "EEYUP" to that. (Big Mac shows up)

BIG MAC: Eeyup. (He disappears).

SPIKE: Uh, Twilight, I'm not feeling so well.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: You're right about that, Spike, you look like you're about to be sick.

PINKIE PIE: Remember not to explode!

SPIKE: ( sarcastically,in a muffled voice) Thanks for the compliment, Pinkie. (He burps a message). Whoa, I feel better now.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: A letter from the Princess! Let me read it... (she reads it out loud). Boy, that was weird.

RAINBOW DASH: You got that right.

PINKIE PIE: (in a paranoid way) CUPCAKES, ANYONE? (She holds a tray of cupcakes out).

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Well, whatever these G3's, or whatever they are, need help with, if the Princess says it, then I'm here to help! (the Mane 6 dash out of Twilight's library).