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Author Topic: in defense of 'a royal respite' *spoilers*  (Read 642 times)

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in defense of 'a royal respite' *spoilers*
« on: March 16, 2015, 04:50:25 am »
*SIGH* Okay, I know there are many tales fans out there who are mad at me for making the Ponyland republic a dystopia, and how I treated tales. However, I do have several points to make in my defense;

-As I have stated over, and over, and over, and OVER- TORNADO, THE IN-UNIVERSE AUTHOR, IS INSANE! His conspiracy-riddled mind took a historical account of the royal sisters secretly visiting Coltonville as teens, and getting in trouble diplomatically after being discovered, and blew it up into a whole 'evil republic' conspiracy about  mutilating ponies to explain why there are only earth ponies. My second story with coltonville appearing, 'Applejack though the ages' has shown the republic as a normal place, with no hint of a conspiracy whatsoever.

- I HAD TO CALL IT COLTONVILLE! I already have two ponyvilles in my universe, so the Fanon name felt like the best fit.

-Most of the tales ponies in my universe have been treated FAIRLY. Except for one parent, I haven't villianized any ponies from the show- and don't tell me Ace and Teddy are bad, they could be jerks in the show.

Feel free to disagree, but these are my justifications for what I did! And yes, I am a fan of tales, and I wasn't trying to bash or hate on it!  :(
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