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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #135 on: August 12, 2014, 12:59:37 am »
Aaaand I'm halfway through Masquerade. I can't wait to see what you have to say. Some amazing points come up when we do these reply strings.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #136 on: August 13, 2014, 04:40:07 am »
Stand By Me reply
1) Lonely pony works for a name I suppose. Better than 'Pony Joe' that for sure.
2) Yeah, I got no idea if those terms are interchangable or not, but I'ma treat them like they are anyways. Also, headcanon accepted (SUCH IS THE POWER OF EARLY 90s TECHKNOLOGY!)
3) Besides  the obvious answer of bad product design?
5) Oh the amusing jokes I could make if Teddy and Sorin ever ran into each other (Sorin's VA did Ed, aka the butter toast guy).
6) There are varingly levels of bullying/jerkness. Like I said, Ace and Teddy are more in line with the version of Bart Simpson who will make prank phone calls and cut off the head of the town statue, only to feel bad about it, than Eric "I made a guy eat his own parents as cilly and drank his tears of sorrow, enjoying each drop in the process" Cartman"
7) Glad I was able to expand your mind Notes!
8) Add in the fact that Brad Swail and Gilda's va did Rock and Revy from Black Lagoon and you get some very... intresting head images.
9) Notes please, Mr. Tidwell is so cool there isn't a nonexistant precentage big enough for him.
10) You know, until this was pointed out I NEVER realized how dirty some of the stuff in Equestria must be when you have earth ponies and pegisi picking stuff up with their mouths. No wonder the Tales ponies just use their hooves.
11) Fashion for the aged and eldarly, might make a good 'show flavor' Fim fic for Rarity.
12) Somehow I keep forget the orchestral stuff. Maybe you should harnish you hyper enthusasm to get someone to release those bgm tracks Notes. Just a thought.
13) Well Tales is a small town (sort ofish, its basically like Hill Valley from Back to the Future. It's as small/big a town as it needs to be for the story) and you know what they say about news in small towns...
14)  Mrs. Hackney clearly went to the Miss Fizzle school of teaching. Or at least catch phrases.
15) You know you could do a three way crossover between ALL those properties and it would TOTALLY work. Seriously, one of us needs to get that idea out to SOMEONE somewhere ya know?
16) Sweetheart, Sweet Stuff, and Westeria were THE ORGINAL soft spoken ponies of cuteness.
17) Starlight would make an amusing pony version of Kamina from Gurrnen Laggana. Though maybe Patch or Melody would be better suited to the role
18) You know if you think about it, Mrs. Hackney's shown to be a BETTER teacher than G4 Cheerilee. Or at least a teacher who teaches a very wide range of subjects. Then again Cheerilee hasn't had much foucse these past few years so.... muffins.
part 1 end

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #137 on: August 13, 2014, 05:05:21 am »
1) Eeeyup squared.

2) It DOES matter, but I uninformedly agree that they are interchangeable.

3) Yes. Obvious answers are no fun! THAT'S why I choose to reinvent the Tales universe into a world that looks like ours but ISN'T! 8D

5) Oh yes, that'll have to go into your fanfic~

6) Agreed to the thousandth power. YES there are different levels of jerkness, and no developed character's jerkness is the same as another's. Teddy and Ace, even at their worst, don't get much worse than the two instances you mentioned with Mr. Bart Simpson. I haven't seen it for myself, but I'll take your word for it.

But yeah, I think Teddy is great at rousing ponies' nerves... but STINKS at the actual insult part.

7) Yep! Thanks! Even with how much I think, think, think about Tales, I still somehow learn stuff from talking with you... not surprising, really. Different interpretations are fun.

8) Black Lagoon... never heard of it. But from the sounds, yes.

9) Mr. Tidwell is Best Pony in my subjective opinion! The show's over, that's all folks! *tomato whizzes by*

10) Eeeeeeyup. Must be something in their saliva that keeps them from contracting disease left and right, and I would propose the idea that Equestria doesn't have germs like we do if Rarity hadn't mentioned them. That doesn't even count the earth ponies and pegasi picking things up with their mouths either.

Agreed. The Tales ponies are also developed differently from the G4 ponies. Even though I remember Patch carrying her sword offstage in her mouth in Play's the Thing. I shall think this over because it is a *gasp* PATTERN! I must write a fanfic about thisin my diary!

11) Oh sure!

12) Hmm, maybe. I'm not really on YouTube though. I should bug one of the brony peeps and hope for the best. Preferably someone who does LPS too, because that shows that they are at least tolerant of stuff.

13) Oh yes. Yes yes yes.

14) Yep, there is something to be said for Miss Frizzle and Miss Hackney's catchphrases. Maybe they read the same manual, but then that would mean that The Magic Schoolbus existed in the Talesverse as real characters, and... dang.

15) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8gS-aWGc38

16) Uhhhyup. But more importantly, they are different characters in their own right.

17) I need to research more things to mash Tales up with... I'll have something running soon I'll need your help with reference-wise, so... yeh.

18) True. Miss Hackney does teach her students more stuff, but they have different teaching styles too.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #138 on: August 13, 2014, 04:55:14 pm »
17. Always happy to help if need be.

part 2

21. The Tales community needs to band together and do a rebuttle video of some sort at some point (or something like that).

22. Maybe. List that long just reminds of of those '50 reasons why x thing sucks' lists, the ones with all the petty, subjective, nitpicky 'reasons' in them. But I guess if you REALLY don't like someone, you find a way.

23. Bright Eyes would do well with Wind Whistler, they'd make a very good scarcism duo I think.

24. Tis a very cute little scene

25. Much like JK Rowling, I have many a 'oh dear, maths.' moments.

26. Considering this was probably a lot of their first efforts in voice acting, they do a pretty solid job given the time constraints and everything they had to work with.

28. I'd link to a song about being a boss, but given the sort of material it covers, it might be better if I didn't.

29. And yet there is STILL no mention of any sort of deity during the wedding, granted kids show that aired on the Disney channel and all that, but in universe wise I find it interesting that the closest thing to a deity like figure in Tales is either the Chrismas Pony or the Glow n Show ponies.

33) Okay, this I GET. I don't agree with it (the Teddy feels like he can do jerk things and get away with it, considering how close he comes to losing Sweetheart some times throughout the show) but this I can get better than 'he's an abuser!'
35) Could be Teddy dropped out of the team at some point for some reason... or something.
38) Yeah, at least in Tales the imaturity makes sense, and even G3 had its moments of self awareness here and there. The mane six are young adults... who have a very ODD tendency to overreact to things.
39)  Yeah, in retrospect, this was one of the things I reget doing, as like you said before it devalues the Tales cast. Mostly I just made the comparison so non Tales fans would have an idea of what I'm talking about character wise. At the very least its something I plan to drop for good if at all possible, comparisons to Ace and G4 Dash aside.
40) Ultimately I think this episode did a pretty fair job at balancing out it's characters, given the short run time and episode length that it had to work with.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #139 on: August 13, 2014, 05:33:18 pm »
21) Ohhhh yes. Yes-yes-yes. We could so do that.

22) Agreed. I sure managed to with Anti-FiM.

23) Agreed.

24) Eeeeeeyup.

25) Yeah, but... try to rectify it, okay?

26) Agreed to the ninth power.

28) Haha, okay.

29) Yep, it is quite interesting... It's one thing I'll consider when I try to apply a different view of Tales to a headverse. Disney or not, it wasn't mentioned.

33) I say that because yes, at times he really did think he could get away with it. He thought he could impress Sweetheart in Blue Ribbon Blues by being a jerk. Shop Talk he didn't show remorse at the end (yeah, understandable). In Happy Birthday Sweetheart he didn't show any remorse until Sweetheart was hurt by everything. He never sees that there are consequences, hence thinking he can get off scot-free. This is something that can and will change, partially thanks to Sweetheart.

But yeah, that's just my thoughts on the matter. Agree to disagree and such.

35) You never know... maybe for failing his test he was grounded AND taken off the team.

38) Agreed to the tenth power!

39) Yeah, I'd like that. At the beginning it's understandable, to introduce people, even if they most likely have seen Tales before. But now there is no reason, and yet, comparing characters is totally cool with me. Just not saying "90s Rainbow Dash" or something is fine. 8)

40) Agreed. Tales pulled it off a lot though.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #140 on: August 14, 2014, 07:11:15 pm »
Tea Party reply
1) At the very least, he's the writer with the longest track record when it comes to writing pony. Wrote the first two specials, the 1986 movie, a number of the MLP N Friends episodes, and was the story concoltant for Tales, along with writing nearly half the series (12 out of 26 episodes). So while there might be writers stronger than him, I'd say he deserves respect/more recongiztion for his pony work though sheer output if nothing else.
2) They might have, if the comment about Patch getting elecricity running in the place is anything to go by.
3) This, is a good point I must admit.
4) Like how the G3 ponies are somehow able to celebrate X mas (granted we don't see Santa outside of a wood puppet toy thing, so G3 Santa could be a pony of some sort). Though if the Flintstones are somehow able to celebrate X mas, why not the ponies?
5) And that one time in the comics Patch made a sailing boat... She'd make a dang good handymare now that I think about it. Maybe Patch should work a hardware store when she's an adult? Or work at one part time when shes not writing adventure stuff.
6) Ah, scones I must admit does make sense. Also, apparently the Cleveland Bays are a reference to the Bay type of horse, as oppose to the body of water. We'll need to fix that joke in Across the Worlds at some point
7) Thank god Clove has a caring family/friends/long term luck going for her. Otherwise she'd be like the Shady of this universe. And you're quite welcome. Why people always confuse a love of books/check lists with science is beyond me (then again I think both science AND religion need to get over themselves so what do I know?)
8) Now I'm imagining a late 90s Teen! Bon Bon with a bunch of Playboy/girl type three fold magizens. Eh, at least that sort of thing could still work in the late 90s.
9) People have the ODDEST tendency to completely miss the point/context of things. Like how people proclaim that Celestia/the mane six should have belived Twilight at the Wedding... Even though Twilight spent the whole time being a Grumpy McGrumpy face the whole time and then suddenly came in and proclaimed the bride to be, to be 'evil' (not even a specific KIND of evil. Just.... evil.) Given Twilight's bevaior I can't blame any of the cast for acting like they did (especially considering all the perfectly valid answers that SHining armor gives) to Twilight. Twilight just got really lucky that 'Cadence' turned out to be a shape shfiting bug queen and now I've gone cross eyed. Point is people are going to read into what their going to read into a work of something.
10) Startlight and Stoplight are time manulplating superhero ponies or something.
11) What was the full context of this thing again?
13) That is a good point... maybe my GTA 5 comparison to the Tail Tiro wasn't that far off the mark after all...
14) Ah. There goes my idea for Sugar finding the phrase patronizing and annoying. Oh Well.
15) This is in fact a reference (the whole speech is chock full of them) to the famous speech scene from the classic collage movie Animal House. Being a collage movie, expect some lanague. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7vtWB4owdE
16) The Pepper comparison makes a lot of sense actually. Then again I'm the twisted werido who has Pepper falling into a wormhole, winding up in the Dragon Ball universe, and becoming a comedy/martial arts student under King Kai, so what do I know?
17) Me thinks even Pooh bear would have to give that honey a long stare at before sitting down and trying it.
18) Silly Notes, Clover isn't clumsy. She's just exuberent and full of life or something. Which is just a nice way of saying she's clumsy...
19) Patch may or may not have watched the pony version of Patton before doing these pranks.
21) Yeah, the Tales universe is a strange one. On the one hoof, it's more down-to-earth and realastic as a setting. On the other, the animals (like the bees) are very cartoony like. And while AKOM may have cut corners (a lot of corners), somehow I doubt that they had the highest budget to work with, even for just an animated TV show. They did decent work on the MLP Movie.
24) Well Bon Bon IS the fashionable one of the group, now I'm thinking of Bon Bon with G4 rarity's mane style (now a part of me really wants to hear what Chiara Zanni would do for a young adult Bon Bon)
26) Never would have noticed if it was Chiara Zanni. Will have to rewatch teh episode at some point.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #141 on: August 15, 2014, 08:00:51 am »
1) Yes, yes; he's done lots of respectable things with pony. So far End of Flutter Valley is my favorite G1 special (all ten parts) and he wrote that. He's a good writer AND he's done a lot.

2) Ahyup.

3) Thanks.

4) Eeyup, that fits the bill perfectly. If they celebrate Christmas, then... religion somehow exists. Maybe a universal one that happens to share similarities with Christianity.

5) I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Patch has a whole host of skills. She could be a LOT! She's hardly even ten and yet she has electrical know-how, can build all kinds of stuff, invent stuff ("she's used to Patch and her weird inventions") can trick a pony, sees stuff nobody else does, is funny, imaginative and creative... brave... soccer... Cheese. She could grow up to be an author, or an adventurer, or a handymare, or a clown (doubtful, considering Patch the Clown), a comedian, a soccer coach, an inventor, a UFOlogist... the kid has potential. I could even imagine her being a reality show host with her goofy personality.

But I think my favorite career for her is the life of adventure, and risking her neck at every turn, with some comedian and inventing work in between. Just strange enough to work.

6) Oh, I know that. The same is up with Percheron and Cheval. Probably other stuff too. And yep.

7) OH yes. Clover is a very lucky pony even when she's experiencing bad luck. She would be even more hard on herself if she didn't have that love and companionship from her friends and family.

I have... no idea, either. Intellectual doesn't mean scientific. Your opinion counts in spite of your feelings on science and religion.

8) I think that her parents TRY to censor stuff, but really have no idea what's in those magazines. I bet she gets that kind of stuff at age ten... oh, the mind warping. And by teenage years she gets curious and curiosity kills the pony who has made cat faces in the season. Such carnage would occur.

And yep, I have my own personal proof that the magazines are dirty: some parts of Best Dream and the position of that one blue and yellow model who I call Bluesy in the picture behind Bon.

9) Agreed... It happens a LOT.

10) Headcanon accepted.

11) After looking for boys for the club ("We can't live with~ or live without, boys boys boys) and on their way to the next club meeting to table the vote on the boys, Patch mentions it to Bright Eyes. Then the shady gangster truck comes and Patch drags Bright Eyes into a bush by her hoof. Considering Patch's personality... eenope, she's just relating.

13) Yep... What I've started to think is that Ponyland is part of a chain of islands, headed by the Isle of Pony; the Pony Isles. Ponyland is pretty clean, is correcting environmental issues and has nice ponies and stuff, but it's also got its own flaws: a limited economy, some bigotedness (Tropical Island racism), and other stuff I need to analyze to find. A neighboring island, Mecklenburger, by contrast is dirtier, a big city, and has crime happen often. But it has great economic opportunity, a lot more tourists, and is a bit of a patchwork of different cultures so there is less prejudice.

So, Ponyland GTA boys? Probably not for me. ...Mecklenburger ones? A possibility.

14) Meh. Good thing we caught the minor detail. Even if Miss Hackney didn't (I remember her doing so), though, Percheron said "mon petit ponies."

15) Got it. I could kinda tell.

16) That's what I think.

...Tell me how that happens. Such a ridonkulous idea wouldn't be in your head without reason.

17) Oooooh yes. Don't lick stuff you don't know. Don't talk to toys you don't know.

18) XD DID NOT see that coming. You were reminded through Out of Context, weren't you?

19) Maybe so, maybe so.

21) Yeah, they didn't have a high budget... but they did well with what they could. Every pen stroke was with thought, in my opinion.

24) Yep. That's what I thought for the longest time... until I realized she looked freaked out at everyone else in the picture and Patch's mane was just purple by mistake. I prefer the bad hair day one personally.

That WOULD be interesting...

26) I'm not sure, but it sure did sound like BB.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #142 on: August 15, 2014, 10:45:46 pm »
1) Like I've said Notes, we need a Bloomicorn OC at some point.

4) Or it could be like Heartswarming Eve or that Holiday thing from Twinkle Wish Adventure and just be a sort of secular holiday, if that makes any sense (think how the Flintstones are able to celebrate Christmas despite being cave men)

5) Patch, in short, has a LOT of potential career wise.

7) Clover's interactions with Derpy, Shady, and Minty will be very interesting and very fun to write, if we ever get that far.

And like I said there;s a reason WHY my headcanon has Bon Bon as a plus sized model, and it ain't just because it's 'relevant to my interests' either. Fatty Bon Bon is best Bon Bon.

13) Intresting. I have Ponyland being a continent surrounded by Islands like Tropical Island or the Isle of Pony. But I could see different towns/cities having different 'flavors' to them. Also wouldn't go so far as to say that the adults of Coltenvillie have any issues with the tropical ponies, it was just the mane seven who expressed those thoughts, and well, they're kids.

16) So basically, Goku (the main charchter of DB) would be powering up and yelling, which would rip a whole through the mutliverse into the pet shop, where Pepper would spend time training under King Kai (who aside from being a martial arts master deity, also has a very pun based sense of humor. In short, he's perfect for Pepper) and Goku. Pepper would eventually yell her way back home (because DBZ logic) and would spend her time kicking butt in an adorable skunk version of this outfit. http://www.miccostumes.com/images/character/Son_goku.jpg

17) Yes, but this is Winnie the Pooh, dude ain't excatly known for his intelligence.

18) Why yes, yes I have.

24) Also, if Chiara Zanni ever goes to an MLP con, someone would have to ask her to have adult Bon BOn and Daring Do have a converstation together.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #143 on: August 15, 2014, 11:05:25 pm »
1) Agreed.

4) Alrighty then; that is a possibility. Christmas exists in Tales though; they mentioned the Crhistmas Pony.

5) Eeeeeeeyup.

7) Definitely. And what we need to do to get that far is WRITE. That wouldn't just be fun and interesting, but it'll end up being dang adorable.

13) The 7 Pony Friends would pick up these ideas somewhere, I imagine. Possibly from the television, but they aren't prejudiced in the racist type way aside from Ponies in Paradise. In Tea Party they weren't hating on boys pre-Boys Boys Boys, they simply didn't want to let them into the club. Boys Boys Boys was, yeah, even-hoofed.

Brilliant point, though, for the adults thing.

"Coltenville" is definitely on the coast somehow. There are SUBTLE things there that imply the climate being not-cold, and them being on the coast in come amount. I'm decided on the islands point, but not on the precise differences; I don't want Ponyland to be absolutely perfect in every way and having this other island be an antithesis and all-bad place. That's what I know. Being a continent surrounded by islands works perfectly well too. I think they showed overhead views of the town in Who's Responsible, so I'll have to check it out.

16) Sounds quirky and strange. But Pepper running around in a costume like the one described is just an adorable idea.

17) I haven't seen that adorable yellow Pooh-bear in ages...

18) Called it. XD You really one-upped me though, so great job.

24) Speaking of the Tales cast, someone needs to contact them, Chiara Zanni at a con or not. I am NOT getting a Facebook or a Twitter account, even to talk to them. Some of them ARE online, though.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #144 on: August 19, 2014, 04:58:44 pm »
MLP Tales review 13
Well beautiful friends, we've made it at last. We've finally made it to the 13th episode of My Little Pony Tales! http://youtu.be/aV_lMSmWtZs

Yes, it's been a long journey and we're only half way there, but the fourth rate, third bit, deadman's version of Sun tzu is determined to triumph in the end!*

And what better way to celebrate this milestone occasion, than with a review update that HASN'T been months on end since the last one? [url]http://youtu.be/aV_lMSmWtZs[/url
So it's time to take a page out of the great American writer Mark Twain and get us some brain damage (I've run out of time travel machines so sue me...) as we once more dive into the murky grung filled decade of the early 1990s, at a time when the 80s were still desperately clinging on as best it could the New Kids on the Block were more teenagers than actual children, and Saved by the Bell was the hot new thing for teens.

Once against best Alicorn Prince George Bloom has graced our 1992 non flat screen, non HD, non satellite (which we all know is a scam from hell ) TVs with MLP Tales's 13th episode. I am of course talkin about those Blue Ribbon Blues Daddy-o... os.

So we start our episode off with a nice shot of some river bank by the forest as Teddy runs by said bank, carrying a picnic basket in his mouth while Sweetheart chases after him. Somehow I can't help but feel this is some sort of weird metaphor for their relationship.... Also, apparently Teddy has been taking dating tips from the Yo Yogi version of Yogi Bear (yes it was an actual thing, yes its as silly as it sounds. But it seems pretty decent/harmless from what little I've seen of it on youtube).

Some green fish splash on by (nice little detail that I just noticed now actually) while Sweetheart demands that Teddy give her basket back. Teddy turns his head back and says that she has to catch him first, but a nearby log at the edge of the river (how that log got near the river is anyone’s guess) causes him halt suddenly, causing him to accidentally drop the basket and all it's goodies into said river.

To say that Sweetheart is angry at this is a bit like saying that George H Bush kinda messed up on getting reelected in the 92 election.
She starts yelling at Teddy, demanding that he get the basket/food back and even calls him a bully. Truthfully, it's more than a little scary seeing SWEETheart of all ponies get all yelly. Note to self: NEVER mess with Wisteria when we get to G3.

Teddy looks all nervous at the water and Sweetheart asks if he can swim, Teddy says that he can (in an unsure tone of voice) but that he doesn't like the looks of the water (given how choppy that water looks, can't say I blame the kid really)

Sweetheart just sighs before saying that she wonders why she puts up with him (teddy), saying that he only knows how to hurt ponies. Ted (may he stay excellent and party on forever) says that he's capable of doing more than just acts of juvenile delinquency, such as... farming. Turns out he has a cousin that lives on the farm by the name of Corny and Teddy TOTALLY loves farming.

Teddy, hate to break it to you but Harvest Moon farming and real life farming aren't the same thing.

Sweetheart's fury subsides (thank god, she might have become a Tumblr style 'social justice' warrior otherwise) and admits that spending time on the farm would be nice and says that she'll ask her parents if she can go. Teddy stammers a bit when he replies that he'll call his cousin before he gets home (What are these cellular phones of which you speak of? These are children ponies, not drug dealers. Although, San Andres took place in 1992.... Herrmmm. Big Smoke: All we had to do was follow the train Sweet- Is that a rocket launcher. Sweetheart: Yes it is. *fires a missiles that blows up the train and causes half of Los Santos to go up in flames* And nothing of value was lost.).**

So we cut to some time still within the year of 1992, where we get an opening shot of the... Meadowsweet family farm here, and I have to say it's pretty nice. (It's not named in the episode itself, but the comics call it that and I have to call it SOMETHING other than 'that farm' people, so Meadowsweet it is!). It's got a white wood fence on the left and right sides in the front, long rows of... wheat(I'm a fourth rate, third bit internet reviewer, (meaning I'm just a reviewer), not a farmer people), a dirt path in the center leading to a nice big red barn and a farm house. Funnily enough, I love how the Tales barn is actually LESS 'girly' looking than the Sweet Apple farm barn is.

Anyways, Sweetheart comments on how much she loves the smell of the country (clearly she has not spent that much time here if she's thinking that) and we see that our RonXHermionie style paring are in a chicken bar.

Sadly, Sorin of the Wonderbolts does NOT randomly cross time and space between 2010 and 1992 to burst into that chicken barn and exclaim about the joys and wonders that are... chickens.

Sweetheart continues to comment (as she, the Ted, and who I can only assume is Corny) that this is the first time she's ever gotten the egg straight from the chicken (make your own jokes people, can't think of anything for that one).
Corny is a pink coated colt with a multicolored tale (yellow, sky blue, purple, then pink) with a corn hip symbol. What? You were expecting some sort of comment on his rainbow tale/mane or pink coat? This is 2014 Mr. Bunker, not the 1970s.

Teddy, macho male dingbat that he is, insists that he can get the eggs from the chickens over the guy who's grown up and lived on a farm his whole life. Teddy, predictably, gets pecked for his trouble.

Cousin Corny (not to be confused with Cousin IT... Or confuse that IT with that freaky Tim Curry sounding clown from Maine) says that Teddy's macho way isn't really the way to go about getting eggs from chickens... Why do I get the oddest feeling Teddy is some sort of strange commentary on the typical bull headed machismo approach to life.
But Teddy is a determined son of a... gun (do guns even exist in the Tales universe?) and grabs the egg basket (which does look like something that would wrap around a pony's body instead of just being yet ANOTHER sandal bag (seriously, Equestria, what up with those Saddle bags?)) and makes another go at it.

The chickens take this about as well as you'd expect. Also, clearly Teddy has played more Harvest Moon than a Link to the Past, because he would know then that you NEVER get up in a chicken's business. They'll tear through all of your hearts and bottled fairies like a freaking chainsaw on crystal meth!

So in order that Teddy not get a Game Over screen, he dashes out of the chicken coop, with the chickens following after as the two eggs that had been collected fall out and get broken in the process. Teddy runs past the big red barn (to to be confused with that freak of nature dog of the same color) and both Sweetheart and Corny glance at each other before cantering off after Teddy.

Teddy trips over a wood (least i think it's wood) wheelbarrow and slides into the nearby pig pen when he smashes the basket into his face when both land on a nearby pig's plo- I mean, butt.

I'd say poor Teddy, but frankly the kid brought it on himself. So instead, WHO SHALL JOIN ME AS WE PULL BACK OUR HEADS AND LAUGH AT HIS MISERY?!

Sweetheart and Corny come up next to the pig pen and Sweetheart asks if Teddy's okay. Interestingly enough, Teddy replies (between panting breaths) that he's fine and he just wanted some exercise. Teddy offers to give the basket of eggs back and Corny comments how the family really didn't need them to be scrambled.

Sweetheart says that the pig that Teddy muzzle planted into is cute and Corny says that the pigs name is Yorkie. Because Hamlet would have been too on the muzzle I guess.
These compliments pleases the Prince of Pork as Yorkie smiles and lifts his head up upon hearing this.

Corny says that Yorkie is planned to win the blue ribbon at the fair tomorrow. Teddy snarks about Yorkies weight and physical appearance, and the Prince of Pigs turns around and kicks some mud/mud-mixed-with pig poop in Teddy's face for his troubles.

You know, I bet back in Coltenvillie Clover is have one HELL of a competent day on her hooves where EVERYTHING is just turning up Clover.

So back at the... Meadowsweet Farm Teddy wipes the mud/mud poo off his face with a hoof swipe and then Corny Sr. announces from a white fence (that I now realize would not look out of place in St. Petersburg, Missouri circa 1830s to 1840s). Corny Sr. (because I have to call him SOMETHING other than Corny's dad) has a spiffy sun hat on. I like that hat. (and yes, he's got the same coat/mane as his son in case you were wondering).

And it's here that we get the Tales song of the day, "Harvest Time". This one is pretty interesting, whoever does Corny Sr's voice is the one doing the singing for the song at the start, and gives it a nice deep, rich flavor to the tune. Sweetheart, Corny Jr, and I think maybe Teddy join in shortly after.

So the song is nice and the visuals have a refreshing rural flair to them. We get a wide pan view of the whole farm, they got a pretty human looking scarecrow to the left of the barn, while the farm house itself almost looks as if it came out of G4 Ponyvillie, with it's yellow almost thatch-like roof. Also, the farm house has a small grass lawn and some ball/lollipop style trees around it. It's cute.

Also, apparently the Mohawk farm is canonical more advance than Sweet Apples, these pink ponies got a freaking tractor thing (that is apparently so simple that even Teddy can operate it without any trouble. Will wonders ever cease?). So as Sweetheart and Corny do farm chores and bond over fire place popped popcorn the song ends about how both are glad that their spending harvest time with each other. Teddy, of course, is not happy with these potential ship paring.

Also, we see Corny Jr's mom/possible sister sitting by said fireplace as the song is going on (hard to tell at this point honestly) and shes got herself a orange flower hip symbol annnddd.... more importantly, a tail bow ribbon thing just like the Dream Valley ponies of ye olden days used to have! (Yay shout outs!)

So after the song ends we have a nighttime shot of the barn (thing looks bigger than the barn of Sweet Apples, but that could just be my skewed sense of scale talking there) before cutting inside where Corny (Jr) is giving His Royal Swineness a good ole scrub down. Teddy walks in and Corny says that he's giving Yorkie one last bath before the fair tomorrow. Teddy says he doesn't care about the pig and that he only cares about Sweetheart (good to know you don't have a pig fetish there Ted).

Corny: I care about Sweetheart too.

Teddy: Yeah, well she's MY girlfriend! (Think this might be the first time we have a confirmed canon pairing on Tales, besides roll around the clock that is)
Corny: She won't be if you keep acting like a jerk.

I like Corny, he has all the right reactions. You know, Lancer should really hang out with him and Logan over Ace and Teddy. Least those two wouldn't force their macho bullpoo on Lance.
Yorkie, at this point, gets out of the tub and shakes water off, which lands on Teddy. Teddy says he hopes that Yorkie loses and bucks a bucket of water on the pigs head and storms off to dramatic/late 80s/early 90s bgm.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #145 on: August 19, 2014, 04:59:05 pm »
part 2
Yorkie manages to pull the bucket off of his head (must be smarter than the av-erage pig), oinking in annoyance all the while (well ya did just splash someone with water pig dude).
You know, maybe my Tervor-Teddy comparison wasn't THAT far off the mark...

So we cut to later at the house, where Teddy has falling a sleep with his Teddy bear, which he obviously brought with him. Also, kid STILL has his shades resting on his mohawk mane. Seriously Ted, couldn't ya had put those on the little nightstand next to the bed? I mean, it looks a bit crowded sure, but-

Wait, is that Yorkie outside his window, watching over him? .... Apparently the good Prince of Pork took a page out of Edward Cullin's book of romance/stalking.
And now Yorkie's somehow managed to enter the room and is trying to take Teddy's ted bear...

What this is I don't- Okay, so Teddy wakes up and amazingly, is NOT freaked out and is more angry/annoyed that the farm pig is trying to steal his bear than question the fact that HOW the pig is smart enough to do so in the first place....

So both pig and pony are getting into a tug of war for the toy bear, Yorkie knocks back into a nearby bookshelf, tumbling books over in the process, and then the bear is ripped apart and the rest of the family (plus Sweetheart) wondering just what in the sam of the hills is going on and....


Right, so, I managed to process the idea of Yorkie being smart enough to do all that (what, do ponies somehow radiate sentience/intelligence no matter what generation they're in?) and we can move on with the rest of the episode.

So with the bear out of the bed and his stuffing of fluff all over the floor, Teddy goes with the classic Brony tacit of “It's for my daughter/niece/significant little girl figure in my life” and says that the bear is for Daisy (the pony with the ribbon in her tale from the song, Femny (Corny + female aka Corny's mom) has (ironically) apples for her hip symbol.
Sweetheart glances over at Teddy knowingly, before saying that she can sew the broken bear up for Daisy easily.

Daisy (who now has a little cute green hat with Daisy on it, along with a hip symbol that is white instead of orange) happily accepts the offer and with that the Meadowsweet's trot off back to bed, with Yorkie in tow.

Teddy and Sweetheart hang out for just a bit, before sweetheart takes both pieces of the bear back with her (think she sort of sighs in disappointment or something as she takes the bear?) while Teddy manages to mumble out a heart felt thanks to her for keeping Teddy's bear secret.

So next we're greeted by a rooster, who greet the morning doing his rooster thing. Teddy comes storming out of the house, accompanied by that dramatic background music, as he bursts into the barn. Yorkie wakes up slowly as Teddy starts getting all up in his grill, saying that he'll get Yorkie for trying to take his bear from him last night. This scares Yorkie so much that the Prince of Pigs dashes off, leaving Teddy to laugh evilly (as much as a ten year old can laugh evilly that is son) in a pile of hay as both Corny and Sweetheart come in the bar.
Honestly, I can't say that Teddy is totally in the wrong here. I mean, if a farm animal went and sneaked into my room and tried to take one of my childhood stuffed animals, I'd probably want to get back at the critter as well. Besides, all Teddy did was give that Pompous Poker a good scare, not like he went and hit the pig (kicking a bucket maybe, but even then it's just a bucket on the head).

So Corny asks where Yorkie is and Teddy says that he was just about to go tell them that Yorkie is missing. Corny canters off to look for Yorkie while Sweetheart asks if Teddy didn't have anything to do with the missing piggy.

Teddy replies (albeit weakly) that he didn't, but Sweetheart doesn't buy that for a second.

SH: If this is your good side, I'm really truly sorry you showed it to me. (Props to Maggie Blue's delivery here, never thought the phrase 'really truly' could sound so... harsh. Even I felt a bit ashamed there and I'm not even Teddy!).

Teddy, now fully ashamed of his actions, is left alone in the barn.

Meanwhile, Corny is in hot pursuit after Yorkie, as the pig runs off into the forest (so we have the country version of the Old Woods here, cool) only to come across a watering hole (complete with a tire swing!) and getting his sorry pig butt trapped. Corny jumps in (ala Cannon ball style, 9 out of ten points pink poni!) and saves him, but gets trapped between the large branch and rock himself.

You know, I've heard of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I don't think Corny ever thought the phrase was supposed to be THIS literal.
So Corny starts yelling for help, and Teddy (who's searching the woods for Yorkie no doubt) rushes off in the direction of the voice. Up on the cliff he can see his trapped cousin and for a moment Teddy is frozen with fear but Corny says that there's nothing to be afraid of (kid's keeping his cool remarkable well considering his situation. Betcha HE wouldn't be fazed by some silly ole spooky looking trees***

So Teddy literally takes the dive and jump into the river below, before realizing... that he actually likes the water. He even adorably splashes about for a little bit before Corny reminds him of the whole 'danger' thing what with the three way triangle between him, the tree branch, and rocks. Talk about your... rocky relationships.
…. Yeah, okay that one was pretty lame even by my standards.

So Teddy lifts the branch up, free his cousin, just as Sweetheart (who heard Corny's cries for help earlier) appears at the lake bed shore thing.
Sweetheart comments on how she thought Teddy was afraid of the water, and Teddy says that he's conquered it. Between this and Teddy saving his cousin, he is now back in Sweetheart's good graces, who nuzzles him in a scene of cuteness. (Seriously, so much cuteness!).

As for the whole “It's Teddy's fault for causing the whole mess in the first place”, like I said before, ALL Teddy did was scare the pig. It's not as if Teddy knew ahead that Yorkie was going to get himself trapped in water, or that Corny was going to get trapped rescuing Yorkie. Heck, at least give the kid credit for overcoming his fear and willingly helping his cousin without trying to blackmail Corny into staying away from Sweetheart or something like that.

Sorry, just, just wanted to keep the magical thing known as 'context' in mind here people (and mostly to avoid any potential flame wars. Those are never any fun and have no winners).

So at long last we cut to the fair, which is suddenly interrupted when the Glow N Show ponies show up and reveal that they are in fact, the old villains of G1 who have come to rebuild the rainbow bridge to Megan's world so that they can get the revenge they waited 5000 years for and reveal that all of pony civilization has been of their making and-
(glances down at the numerous bottles of Mike's Hard surrounding him) What the hell am I SAYING? I mean, the only thing that would be stupider than that would be if Starlight and Bon Bon become larger and in charge lesbian lovers. I mean, only some pathetic lowlife dweeb of a nincompoop would think that's a good idea.

So, at long last we've finally reached the county/state/Ponylandian(?) fair! http://youtu.be/aV_lMSmWtZs

Full of all those classic fair attractions, such as Cowboy Pony, Balloons, and human waving it's arms like it's trying to make a snow angel. Eh, seems accurate to me, never been to many fairs of any sort myself.

Also, fair as some tilt-a-whirl things and a non-pink fairs wheel (G3.5 Pinkie would be in totes rage mode at such a travesty). So Teddy, Sweetheart, and Daisy are at one of those 'knock the bottles down with a ball and win a prize' booths, where the prizes are.... Care Bears? (Seriously, that blue bear on the shelf in the background totes looks as if it would be not out of place in Carealot). Teddy manages to knock all three bottles down and Sweetheart starts jumping up and down in celebration, causing the fixed bear to fall to the dirt ground.
Daisy picks the bear up with her hoof (better that than her mouth I suppose) and says that since the bear is fixed, its her's now (only in a much cuter voice obviously).

Teddy questions the whole ownership thing, but one sharply raised tone and glare from Sweetheart (like a boss!) is enough to put him into submission on agreeing the bear is Daisy's. Daisy gives Teddy a kiss for lettin her keep the bear (awww!) and trots off to find her bother.

Teddy's prize for winning the booth game? A stuffed pig (who actually looks pretty cute all things told). Seriously guys, I think Teddy might have absorbed Clover's bad luck somehow.
So we cut to later at the pig contest, where Yorkie (sadly) wins and everyone cheers, even Teddy. Personally I was going for that pig with the brown spots on his face myself. Damn, where's that word crafting spider when you need her?

So we cut to later, with the fair winding down as everyone gets in the dark red farm truck to head back home. Teddy offers to trade his freshly won pig toy back for his bear, and Daisy replies “Me like bear.” (Daisy apparently takes speaking lessons from the Hulk, although if Teddy's anger is anything to go by maybe the whole Meadowsweet family has some hidden rage issues...). But eventually Teddy is able to convince her to trade and he comments on the fairness of the trade: Daisy is happy, and he got his Teddy bear, so he's happy. Which means that everyone is happy. Before both Teddy and Sweetheart get into the back of the truck, Teddy offers to let Sweetheart hold his bear, at least until they get back to the house.
Sweetheart comments that Teddy might just have a good side to him after all, and Teddy whispers for her to just not tell anyone (got to protect that nonexistent tough guy reputation after all). With that, the couple get into the back with Corny and Yorkie and the episode ends with the van driving off back to the home.

This episode, I really like the setting for this episode. Mr. Bloom's choice of the countryside was a very welcomed and nice change of pace over the suburban setting of Coltenvillie, and I like how the background music at the occasional country flair throughout.

Corny was a pretty likeable guy, and the ninja pig stuff is so out there that I can't honestly bring myself to hate it. Took me a bit to process it when watching the episode, but it's so silly it goes back around and becomes amusing. Also liked how Teddy got some character development, though parts of it doesn't seem to stick in Happy Birthday Sweetheart (in fieriness, Tales continuity is very... lax in terms of when what episode takes place after which and changing as a person is not an easy thing to do). Actually, I kinda liked how it was just Teddy, Sweetheart, and Corny this time around as oppose to all the mane seven. Corny could have become like Meadowlark and become a sort of reoccurring character, but that's a musing for another time.

So, next time we... Well, Go Meet the Bronies I guess. Be very afraid my multi pony gen friends, be very afraid.

*Pending on the business of school work of course.

** Anyone else find it funny how Vice City took place in 1986 (same year that MLP N Friends aired) and the same for Tales and San Andres? Or is it just me.

*** Yes, I know the Skilled but Overrated Faust (at least in terms of fandom love) had to make a choice between having threats that were actually threatening vs. threats that actually showed off each of the mane six's friendship traits, but that doesn't mean I can't playfully poke the fun at them anyways.****

**** Although I do find it interesting how Mr. Bloom had actual sentient trees physically threaten the HumThree and the Little Ponies in the 1986MLP Movie. Tis... interesting.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #146 on: August 25, 2014, 01:04:37 pm »
Let's Go Meet the Brony's rebuttal.
Greetings and Saluatations my friends, *adjusts the monocle on his left eye* I am the baron of Horsequeria, the Well Known Baron Von Exit, at your service.

Today, we shall be covering a song from a documentary about a fandom of males who enjoy little colorful horses, or at least, a certain TYPE of colorful magical horse. I am of course referring to the documentary, Bronies: : The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.

Produced by Tara Strong, John de Lancie, Lauren Faust and released in 2013; The documentary covers different Brony cons and interviews a number of the show's creative staff as well as members of the fandom itself. It also covers the history of both the fandom and the franchise up to G4. But we aren't here to talk about the documentary as a whole, we're just hear to talk about one song. Or to be more precise, the first verse of one song in particular.

So enough of my rumblings and ramblings I say, let us go forth and meet these 'bronies'!
... I-

You know what, forget the obvious and unfunny parody of a nitpicky youtube reviewer, from now on I am not talking to you, the reader, as either Baron of Horsequeria or as Bob-dude. Instead I'm throwing away the mask and stepping out of the shadows to tell you what Skyler T. Wilson's honest to god thoughts are on this little song.

So with all that out of the way, where do I even begin with this steaming pile of pony poop?
Well, I suppose the best place to start is by correcting that ever annoying bit of misunderstanding about previous pony gens. I am of course referring to the fact that My Little Pony Tales IS NOT A PART OF GENERATION TWO! Now, I don't know (or truthfully care) how the Hasbro Cash Cow that is the Transformers franchise separates it's toy generations or tv shows, but with My Little Pony they have been separated by the toy series. Not the cartoons, the toys.

Now, why the toys you ask? Why not the cartoons? Because toy collecting is what has kept the My Little Pony franchise going all these years. It it was women young and old (and yes undoubtedly even pre G4 men as well) that took the time and energy out of their own lives to collect these colorful mini equines because it meant something to them, either nostalgically or emotionally or some other reason that I won't care to make broad sweeping generalizations about. Before any concept of 'Bronies' (at least in as much as the original meaning of the phrase), it were the toy collecting and target audience that made the franchise what it was. That kept it alive. Hell, there's even a freaking forum dedicated to pony collecting, to say nothing of the  My Little Pony Tales Forums out there. ***

And this song, THIS SONG. This song basically throws everyone who had either grown up watching or collecting ponies, be they young or old, and throws them under the monster truck/tank that is Friendship is Magic.

But I am getting ahead of myself somewhat, so maybe I should explain myself in the manner of many a complaining, nitpicking, whining little adult chil- I mean, "Internet reviewer" before me. By directing this insult to equinedom piece by pathetic piece.

So, first scene is the exterior shot of 'Pony University'. What's wrong John De Lancy, Luaren Faust, Tara Strong, and rest? Couldn't think of a precious pony pun to use? Why not Hayle, or Canterbridge, Manehattan (clearly the  pinnacle of naming genus that) U, or the University of Sugarcubes? Because if you think about it dear reader, Pony University is EXCATLY the sort of name that would exist for My Little Pony Tales. Irony, thy name is ponies.

So we then get a quick shot of a bunch of Original Character (Donotsteal!) ponies sitting down in, what else, a university style classroom. Oh, and Derpy I'm-contractually-obligated-to-appear-in-any-and-all-G4-work Hooves is here as well. Because reference humor (though granted I'm not one to talk in this case seeing as how 90% of my mediocre moronity is based off of reference humor) 

Then we have the beginning of the source of my pure, untamed, blood pressure skyrocketing rage. The lyrics (written by one of the show writers, Amy Keating Rogers, no less!). Oh by George Arthur Bloom's pen/typewriter/80's word processor, those lyrics. I'ma break this down for you guys piece by pathetic piece.

Generation One appeared on TV in the Eighties,
it was made to sell toys; plots were hardly very weighty

Which, if Mrs. Faust's comments on Deviart and elsewhere are anything to go by, is what she spent most of her time playing with. That is to say, the Dream Valley version of G1, not Tales. Which started with the 22 minute special (penned by George  Arthur Bloom), Rescue at Midnight Castle (aka Rescue from Midnight Castle, aka Firefly's Adventure ).

As for the 'selling toys' comment, while I'm usually indifferent about his webcomics/work, I believe that the good David Wills of Shortpacked fame said it best : "How can Transformers possibly 'sell out'? It started as a 20-minute toy commercial."

The same can be said exactly for GI Joe Real American Hero, Jem, the 1980s version of Pound Puppies, and the  Inhumanoids. For crying out loud, Hasbro is a TOY company, what the heck ELSE are they going to sell to people? And further more, it's not as if YOUR show is any less guilty in this regard. Hell, in just seasons one and two we have Twilight getting an owl half way through the season, Rainbow Dash getting a turtle-tortoise (No one cares Fluttershy), Twilight suddenly having an older brother, all the mane six having individualized houses (only 19.99, buy yours today!), and a whole host of stuff I'm no doubt forgetting of hand. You don't criticize something for selling toys when you yourself do the same damned thing!

Want to know what that makes you Brony Documentary/John De Lancy/Tara Strong/Luaren Faust?
That makes you a hypocrite. Now, there's no shame in being a  hypocrite. Everyone's a  hypocrite on some level or another. For example, I hate the idea of past Pony generations being the past/back story for G4. I think it devalues and degrades them while putting G4 on a pedestal.

That being said, I have the headcanon that Dream Valley G1 is the long ago 'Third Age' of My Little Pony Tales, with Tales being at least a possible future for the Dream Valley ponies.  Hypocrite? Why yes, yes I am. But heres the rub folks, at least I'm HONEST about it.

If it was just an amateur Youtube pony video online sort of deal doing this song, I wouldn't give as much of a damn or be a freaking livid as I am. But John De Lancy, Tara Strong, and ESPECIALLY Luaren Faust, they aren't showing the history of the franchise their apart of the respect that it's due. And with Luaren (Second Coming of Jesus) Faust it's especially infuriating. You grew up playing with your G1 ponies, grew up making stories and personalities for them. And THIS is how you pay your childhood and those like you who ALSO spent time playing with their pony dolls?

This is just... there are no words....

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #147 on: August 25, 2014, 01:05:12 pm »
part 2

So, second line, coming out from the same behind!

And Generation Two, I do not mean to grouse and gripe,
but these characters fell right into the "girly" stereotypes   

Mr. De Lancy, I have to ask, do I have to track down Avery Brooks to give you a taste of 'The Sisko' again? Because I am sorely, SORELY tempted to do so. The reason I ask is because you do NOT seem to be comprehending the whole “Toyline not cartoon” concept. Seriously, was EVERYONE on this documentary to damn lazy to do a freaking Google search? Because you want to know what I came across with a quick use of Google Fu? THIS! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Little_Pony#Generation_Two
Seriously, five freaking seconds is ALL it would have taken to clear this up, but oh no, this is the BRONY documentary. Because, ya know, the toy franchise for little girls wasn't worth dung until a buncha guys (and Luaren “hallowed be Her name” Faust) got into it.

And then, we go the second little line “ these characters fell right into the "girly" stereotypes”.
What. The. HELL. Does. That. Even. MEAN!?

Girly stereotypes, what KIND of stereotypes De Lancy?

That's like saying “Oh, X Character is so COOL!” The concept is so vague and abstract (we talking Fonzes style coolness, Marty Mcfly style coolness, Bill and Ted coolness?) as to be complete and utter empty NOTHINGNESS.

Oh yes, because no show has ever had a studious bookworm smarty pants, a fanshionetta, a shy soft spoken character, a wacky silly character with a child like mentality, or an athletic tomboy. Or a southern cowgirl, no sir ree, no one's EVER done a cowgirl archetype before.

Yes, before Friendship is Magic came along, the My Little Pony franchise had NEVER used those archetypes before.

Oh wait: Firefly, Patch, Sunnydaze, Gusty, Heart Throb, Bon Bon, G3.5 Dash, Poesy, Sundanese, Sweet Stuff, Sweetheart, Wisteria, Truly (for the Southern Belle accent), G1 Applejack, Wind Whistler, Bright Eyes, Kimmono, G3  Pinkie Pie (girl has a hella good head on her shoulders), Melody, North Star (British pony with love of adventure for the win), Storybelle, Minty, Starlight, hell, Clover Bloom's been doing Derpy's shtick since 1992 and with more character depth to boot!
And that's just names from the show that I can remember off hand!

The simple fact of the matter is that the much beloved 'mane six' fall into just as many of My Little Pony's stable of reused character archetypes as Generations past. Now, that isn't to say that their all EXCATLY the same character wise, even with the overlapping archetypes.

For example, Wind Whistler may be Spock as a flying female pony, but frankly the Spock stock of character isn't ever used that much for female characters, so she still has a unique enough of a twist to work on her own right.

Bright Eyes, by contrast, is less 'logic and reason' and more 'responsibility and environmental science!' She is, in essence, the 1992 version of the likes of Lisa Simpson or Haley Smith (albeit much less self righteous). Now while those type of characters aren't always the most well liked or well done, I think Bright Eyes had potential to do that character type well. She was able to find love with the one boy pony NOT going though their 'jerk' phase at the time and even went out to rescue an endangered animal species with her friends. So an adult, scientist version of Bright Eyes is certain unique among the other smart ponies.

Then there's Kimono. She has wisdom and a playful sense of humor, but clearly cares deeply for her G3 Ponyville friends and values her friendship with them. Now  Kimono's wisdom is a different type of intelligence from Bright Eyes scientific training or Wind Whistler's self controlled and logical approaches to life.

Then we have Twilight, who is a STRANGE mishmash of Wind Whistler and Bright Eyes, but as a magic using unicorn/alicorn. On the one hoof, she reads, studies, and loves her some hot checklist on checklist action. As many times are there are her taking the logical approach to things, there's just as many infamous moments where she just plain doesn't THINK things through (Wind Whistler would be both impressed and very disappointed with Twilight, Bright Eyes would find her abuse of the scientific method to be annoying and maybe even a bit insulting, and Kimono would just question why she didn't just do the OBVIOUS thing during her more emotional moments).

So the point being, the meeting between the four smart ponies of Ponydom would be... interesting to say the least.

But I've side tracked long enough, not that I can be blamed for doing so I would think, on with the song.

And Generation Three is just too awful and too tragic,
so let's jump to Number Four, where Friendship is Magic!

Its at this point, the G3 part, which we don't even get a picture of, though apparently it's SO HORRIFYING that's it not only causes the Devianart level OCs (no, wait, that's an insult to DA Ocs) to gasp, I say, gasp but also causes Derpy's eyes to temporarily go straight.

Not sure which one I should be more offended by honestly, the fact that they don't even bother to show anything of G3, or the fact that it's so 'awful' that it's capable of making Derpy's vision straight for a moment or two. (By that logic is Candyland capable of curing blindness?) Because apparently the color pink is up there with Lovecraftian style horrors. Cthulhu, The Yellow King? Please, those chumps ain't got dung on the pants pooping doomness that is... TEH COLOR PINK!

Also, I was NOT aware that this derpicdn.net/img/2013/3/28/281786/full.jpg , this derpicdn.net/img/2013/3/7/264749/full.jpg, or this derpicdn.net/img/2012/12/31/198183/full.jpg was what constituted as “awful and tragic”. I honestly always quite liked the backgrounds of G3 myself, character models may have been a bit TOO “on model” for a toy franchise maybe, but the distinct voices/characters didn't make telling the individual ponies apart that difficult, at least for me that is.

Hell, considering the Princess Promenade did more to deconstruct the concept of what it means to be a Princess (with Runaway Rainbow acting as a reconstruction) in 50 minutes than Friendship is Magic did in tackling the concept in all of season four I would say that in some ways G3 is-

And once more I am getting off topic. Regardless, I will save my thoughts on G3 for when I get around to reviewing it.

So, next line.

All the characters compelling, and the stellar storytelling,
and the lovely animation, brought about great dedication

Okay, do I really even need to point out just how goddamn VAGUE 'compelling characters and stellar storytelling' is? Want to know what else has that? Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. Want to know what also has completely stalled plotwise because the writer didn't bother to plan his “Originally Three novels turn seven book epic fantasy series” out? How the soap opera and cliffhanging 'strings' as it were are really starting to show? How we're five book (out of seven) into a series and the freaking ice zombies STILL haven't started attacking stuff yet?

That's right, Game of Thrones! Just because something has good storytelling and worthwild characters, doesn't mean that series or thing isn't without it's flaws or weakness.

Friendship is Magic may be a very good cartoon show, but that doesn't mean that between the botching of morals (though your milage will of course vary), characters, and plotlines, the usage of pop culture references that just at times don't make ANY in universe sense (why is Equestria even called that if the ponies aren't riden by anyone?), and the playful self awareness that gets just a touch... smug? Not really smug, but something close to it I guess.

It's on the next verse that we get all the different special little snowflakes that exist in the Brony community, who I can only assume never existed in an other fandom in the history of ever. And I figure the second verse may as well be where I bring up the Brony hate boner that's been showing for most of this rebuttal. People, when I say Brony/Brony community (in the context of this documentary/song) am I talking about the Bronies who worship at the alter of the Red Maned One, Lady Faust. Now to be sure, I'm sure there are plenty of Bronies out there who don't worship at the alter of the Faust or who don't treat the past pony generations like poop, but seeing as how this song is directed at those bronies that do, they are who I am referring to when I say 'Brony'.

Just so we clear.

And then we come to the third verse where we are graced by the presence of Tara “Twitter Attention Hog” Strong herself****

Hey! Forgetting somepony?
It seems your little lesson left the fairer sex neglected


Well when girls like little ponies, that's very much expected


Even so, you can't ignore these fillies' contributions,
we're involved in brony culture and we demand our inclusion!

We attend all the conventions, create art and music, too,
discuss the show, talk on forums, everything these dudes do!

No, we're not bros, but we're bronies,
though some prefer "pegasisters"

This part of the song... I am conflicted on. While I like and admire the fact that the documentary took it's time to acknowledge that, you know, there are girls/women that are apart of the franchise that is aimed at little girls some strange part of me is still rubbed the wrong way by those words. … In a different, less RAGE filled, way than the first half of the song.

So Tara Strong is like, “We're a thing too ya know!”

And I'm like... Isn't that kinda obvious? I mean, aside from the target audience of little girls, the toy collectors have been running stuff like this www.mylittleponycon.com/the_event
or this www.facebook.com/MyLittlePonyTradingPost or this
For a good number of years, WAY before 2010 and the Brony fandom became a thing. I mean, if not for the little girls, who ELSE is going to buy these mini colorful horses other than the women (and men) who collect them?

But I have once more allowed by keyboard to wander. That (for the purpose of the milestone special at least) was the Let's Go Meet the Bronies song. And honestly, it does not paint a good picture of them. Not because they brush up/slightly acknowledge the existence of 'clop' but because it puts their own show/fandom on a pedestal at the cost of throwing everything that came before it history wise under a metaphoric bus. It makes them look arrogant and disrespectful and... honestly, like children. I mean, what other reaction to the (admittedly very) 'femininity' of G3 by gasping in shock fits other than that of a child?

And if you aren't going to respect the past, then why should I respect the present you 'Bronies' represent?

My advice? If you can at all find it, go with the documentary My Little Obsession. mylittleobsessionmovie.com/trailer.html

Look guys, the honest truth of it is I wouldn't be going my reviews of My Little Pony Tales if not for Friendship is Magic, I'll freely admit that chances are good I wouldn't be a pony fan today if not for Luaren Faust and FiM. I'll also say that I don't hate either her or the show. Really, truly, I don't. I might poke some sarcastic fun here and there but that's all it is, that's what all of my jokes are in the end (even if it might not always come off as I intend). As for Faust herself? Got nothing against her, love that she's of the 'sane, non Tumblr' brand of feminism. I love her ideals, of her philosophy that there's “more than one way to be a girl.” But here's the thing, Luaren Faust is not the end all and be all everyone.

In fact, I'd argue that the My Little Pony franchise has been supporting Faust's goals since the very beginning. Bon Bon is never mocked for her dream of become a fashion model, Sunny Daze for her outgoing, tom boyish personality, hell, Wind Whistler's episode is all about showing how despite being the 'cold, logical one' that she does in fact care for her friends and that her controlled, reasonable approach is often the correct one. Patch's many interests, hobbies, and tomboyishness is also never looked down upon as well.

People, I call myself the “the fourth rate, third bit, deadman's version of Sun tzu” because that's what I am. I KNOW damn well I'm not that great a humorist or pony reviewer, not when the likes of Striker 5 and Sun tzu are out there. But what I lack in any sense of actual comedy or timing I make up for in one very important factor in these reviews: I always look on the sunny side of things. I try to stay positive and find SOMETHING nice to say about an episode, even if it's one I'm not that crazy about.

I think that the Internet has enough Nostalgia Critics, Angry Video Game Nerds, Spoonies, Linkarias, Red Letter Medias, Cinema Sins, and How it Should have Endeds. The LAST thing it needs is another glasses using, fedora wearing 20 something white guy complaining about how this or that ruined/raped his childhood (oh how I HATE that phrase). The Internet, and more importantly, the world, has enough negativity in it. When I started my review/Watch of MLP Tales, the one thing I wanted above all else was to make sure that I kept this whole experience a positive one.

So, hopefully we can leave Negative Neg Junction behind as we once again board the Positivity Train and continue with my reviewing and watching of My Little Pony Tales. 13 down, 13 to go.

**(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV-OF9wZWDs    www.pony.wallpaper-studio.com/Story.html )
***  www.mlparena.com/
**** For the record, I don't REALLY have anything against Mrs. Strong or her Twitter trolling for that matter. But the whole 'Queen of the Bronies' shtick does get a bit tiresome after a while, no?

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #148 on: December 24, 2014, 01:05:20 am »
Review 14
You know, people often ask me if there’s a Misses Bob-Dude. Of course there is, this is her.
So where has Bob been these past few months? The Bob has been busy. School work, TF2 stuff (mostly a Pro,  Engi, and Heavy man myself), and working on and off on writing projects that I may/may ever get around to actually completing. But yeah, figure everyone could use an early X mas present (or whatever your winter holiday of choice is).
 Speaking of significant others though, it’s time to roll back the clock to 1992 so we can… Roll around the Clock. … To Love!
Both Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough are returning for writing duties, just FYI.
Well regardless we open to the exterior shot of the local roller skating rink, the Rollarama with Bon Bon and some cholate brown pony (not to be confused with the cholate pony tumblr blog that is)Eh, not the greatest of names but after 4 seasons of pony puns, I’ll take it.
Also, a thought occurs to me that between the rink, the schoolhouse, the town square, the art gallery, the PTV studio, the jazzercise building (which I’ll be getting into at a later review), and all the other locations I’m no doubt forgetting, Nameless Pony Town/Coltenvillie really is sort of like the pony version of Hill Valley in terms of ambiguous size and all that.
Maybe what Blue Ribbon Blues really needed was a Doc Brown Cameo. 

But my inane ramblings aside, we cut to the inside of the building, where the REAL mane seven+ are practicing their skate skills with… the opposite gender?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw
What new spore of madness is- Oh, wait, forgot this was the group of friends that had some actual romantic based libido in them. Never mind.
So yeah, we got ourselves some new male ponies, sadly this is (I think) their only appearance in the show (thanks limited one season format!)
So inside the rink Melody shows off some made roller skating skills (Me, I was always five left feet with those dang things, all the grace of a drunk Turkey made of Jello) biped style and Ace reponds that he could do Melody’s twist spin jump in midair thing blind folded, and proceeds to do just that (minus the blind fold that is)
You know it’s scenes like these that really make me conflicted on if I should ship Mace (MelodyXAce, hey you think coming up with these silly cutesy ship names is easy?) or let Rock N Roll be Melody’s first and one real love, with her love life as a young adult being of the ‘Love them and leave them fast” variety. But enough of my pointless headcanonings!
Starlight comments to random blue pony with purple mane that they (Melody and Ace) are quite good and that there’s going to be a lot of competition for the roller skate contest. She then adds that she’s glad that blue pony is her partner. Blue pony says they’ll be perfect.
You know, if people can take the purely platonic friendships of G4 Rarity and Applejack, Samwise and Frodo, and Watson and Holmes, then god only knows what they would have made out of Starlight and Knoty’s tones of voice.
So then Clover and a blue pony with a messy blond mane skate by. Clover being Clover, they quickly trip and fall on their barrels, though blue/blond pony seems to be pretty easy going, laughing it off. Think is name MIGHT be Dandy, but Clover’s voice makes it hard to pick out with the background music going on.
Patch and a fellow hockey buddy named, well. Buddy, leap on past Clover and Dandy (or maybe Spin Top, given his flank symbol).
Teddy tries to get Sweetheart to crack the whip William style (Ei two leg style) but his skate pops off and they fail miserably with Teddy crashing his dark blue butt down on the ground for his troubles. Universe has a strange way of punishing Teddy for his misdeeds.
While the 1992 Rule 63 version of Rarity skates by we cut to the entrance office of the skate rink, where Bright Eyes is working part time, probably for extra money or something. Bright Eyes sets a stack of vinyl records (giving me flashing images of my family’s basement, ya couldn’t have collected baseball cards or something smaller, could ya dad?) *insert pic of records crates later when she hears a ringing in at the front desk. On her way over she proves herself to be the Clover (or if you will, Bob Dude) of roller skates when she falls down on mid-way.
Turns out its Bon Bon and cholate brown pony. Bon Bon asks if BE is in there, and Bright Eyes struggles to lift herself to the desk. Cholate brown pony asks for two tickets to the skate contest, and Bright Eyes takes off her front skates so she can rip off the needed tickets (for some reason that little bit amuses me a lot. No idea why…) but a ringing code phone (like the kind Bon’s older sister Misty has for a flank symbol) takes her attention away. Think CBP’s name is Danny, but don’t quote me on that. Eh, so long as Bon’s doesn’t accidently get him killed while talking on the phone and indirectly turning him into a zombie CyberPony, I think Danny will be okay.
Thankfully, it’s Mr. NotJerk Pony (aka Lancer) to the rescue! Kid’s apparently much closer to the phone as he picks it up before BE is barely half way across the room (which is very long now that I think about it, though this could just be wonky perspectives talking).
In all of Bright Eyes infinite wisdom, she decided to skate across the room biped style with only two skates on her hind legs. The only problem with this is give that BE is a quadaped by nature, she isn’t exactly the most graceful creature on 8 wheels (hell, she wasn’t the most graceful with 16).
Oh, and turns out Bright Eyes doesn’t know how to stop herself and bounces into Lancer. With a BONG sound effect. I am not making this up folks.
Man I knew Tales Ponyland had issues with the amounts of plastic in the kiddie cereal, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad. That or Tales ponies are just naturally bouncy like Tigger from the 100 Acer Wood. Or Bright Eyes and Lancer are just naturally bouncy together.
Lancer hoofs the phone over and BE takes it, pulling a Teddy as her aquamarine bottom and the floor start their sordid love affair. You know what, forget SweetTed or Brancer. BE’s butt and Rollamara floor is the REAL Ship paring in this episode.
BE says to the phone that they do still have more tickets (got more tickets there than G3 has pink. And G3 is going to have a LOT of pink at one point my friends, but that is for a future review.) once more getting back up to the table and placing the phone back on the receiver.
BE says Lancer can go and skate since she can hold down the fort and mane the tickets, but Lancer picks up the giant circle roll of tickets… only for it to go al unwound on Bright Eyes, tangling the poor girl up.
Lancer offers to get another roll of tickets and then get out of BE’s mane. BE looking at him with the same look from earlier (not quite sure is up with that scene there honestly) before her butt and the floor continue their make out session, ie she falls bottom first again.
Spin Top reminds BE about the ticket, and the girl does the smart thing and slinks along the ground, ticket roll skill wrapped around her. And yet she still looks more dignified then I ever did on those blasted things.
She manages to reach up to the ticket booth table and gives Bon and Brownie their tickets, with Brownie thanking BE.
Then Starlight, Clover, and Patch skate into the room. Probably helps that the door was wide open.
As Starlight helps BE get the roll of tickets off of her she (Starlight that is) mentions that Lancer doesn’t have a partner yet for the Local Yolkle Yodeling contest. Oh, and the skate contest too I guess.
Both Starlight and BE standup Biped style and look out at Lancer, who clearly has some skate skillzes on him. BE comments on Best Blue Pony’s abilities, saying that she’d probably just embarrassed him if she were his partner.
As Lancer is skating from a back room across the skating stage, Ace and Teddy skate next to him and say that BE doesn’t have a partner for the contest either.
So does this mean that Starlight and Ace are on the same wavelength? You know, got half a mind to turn the Tales love ‘triangle’ into a three way and call it a day at this point (curse you Tumblr!).
Lancer and the boys glance over to BE, who is helping out Rule 63 1992 Rarity and Lance comments on BE’s cuteness and how he like to be partners with her, but that it isn’t likely given how busy she is with the tickets and what not.
Ace says that Lancer has the wrong attitude and Teddy says that if he wants BE (as a skate partner) that he should go get her. Lancer, being not unlike the Great and Dudeful Bob, is too much of a nice guy to try something like that.
Meanwhile, Starlight, Bon Bon, Melody and Clover talk about how it’s obvious that BE has a thing for Lancer. Melody says that BE just needs a lesson in being sassy/charming. Mels, not everyone has your natural sass, we’ve gone over this.
Starlight, what with working part time at her family’s ice cream shop/mane salon, suggests a make over.
This can only end well, I can tell.
We cut to the Tales Hall of Justice, aka the Rainbow Beauty Salon, where BE is protesting her makeover saying she still has a lot of work to get done. But the rest of the girls insist that she’s already finished everything, and that all is left is to get her ready for Lancer.
Even Patch is here, which I mind amusing. But good to see that even the local tomboy is willing to indulge in some girlyness if it’s to help a friend (not so sure if she’d be crazy about it if it was happening to her though.).
Apparently this involves planting BE’s butt on a chair (that cheating rump!) and spinning her around like a top. Melody, you do know that Wonder Pony was just a TV show right?
We then cut to the TailTrio’s Hall of Justice, which in this case is a very solid looking tree house of all things. It even has an old couch and chair, the kind with the stuffing falling out and everything. I think this is the only time we ever see this place and it’s a shame, I actually kinda like it. Makes for an interesting, if a bit cliché gender role wise, contrast to the Ice cream bar the girls normally hang out with. 
I have to say though, why they have a barrel on the outside of the house next to the door is beyond me.
So while the girls are giving BE their make over, Ace and Teddy are giving their own version of one for Lance. And what better way to do it then by singing?

That’s right, it’s time again for the Obligatory Tales Song!
*yaying sound effect*
It’s a cute little number that, while it lacks the trumpets and bombasticness of Think Again, still has it’s moments. Also, Teddy, you have a most ONE on and off GF, I really doubt your one to talking about having girls hanging all over you. Furthermore, we all know who’s REALLY going to be holding the lease in your relationship when the two of you get older.
Bon Bon apparently clearly subscribes to the idea of the closest way to a pony’s heart is through their stomach. You best be taking some Notes there Patch ;D
Patch, being Patch, finds exercising the to a good way to get a boys attention. Depending on one’s interests, she’s not wrong there people.
Basically, their respective viewpoints can be summed as: Act like Brooding Bad Boy (Lancer) Who Just Doesn’t Care and Pretty AirHead with Sassy and Style (BE).
Yup, can’t see this going wrong anywhere.
Song ends with them looking like this.
*insert pic
Given that this is the part of the 90s where the 80s still held it’s firm but dying grip, I’d say this kids came out okay in the end all things considered. Look less silly then those 80s ponies from Putting Your Hooves Down at least.
So we cut back to the Rollarama rink where Lancer is skating about with his skill-but-not-as-silly-as 2010s era-sunglasses shades and blue and white headband.
Saucy Eyes (who is hanging out with Starlight, Melody, Patch, and Cover) expresses doubts at this whole thing and tries to skate off, but Starlight grabs her by the tail.  Curse you pony anatomy!
Lancer expresses his own doubts of this plan working, but both Ace and Teddy launch him towards BE, while the girls do the same for our favorite pony environmentalist.
Sadly there is less BONGing this time, as both Lance the Pants** and Saucy Eyes stop a foot or so away from one another. Pity, that BONG sound effect amused me.
A moment of adorkable awkwardness passes between the two, before an imaginary mini version of Ace appears to give Lance advice. Tells him to say how cool HE (Lancer). Because, you know, why would a girl want to be complemented or anything like that?
Lancer’s idea of cool? Having the largest book collection in school.
Elsewhere in the Multiverse.
Storebelle: HA!
Meanwhile, back in the year 1992, even Ace has to facehoof at that. Could be worse imaginary Ace, he could have talked about how awesome his doll is with it’s pad of paper and mini pencil, for pretend homework nights! Even BE would think that would be pretty sad and pitiful.
Thankfully though, she takes it with indifferent stride. Then imaginary mini Melody (try saying that 10 times fast) pops up and suggests that BE should whip her mane back and forth. Thus netting her 15 minutes of fame before everyone realizes how freaking annoying her song really is- Wait, no, that’s a different thing.

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Re: Where Bobdude Watchs MLP Tales
« Reply #149 on: December 24, 2014, 01:05:43 am »
part 2
Unfortunately, this leads BE to catching the horrible desieze of “Hair in mah eye”ites. Could be worse. Girl could have gotten introitis.  So basically BE butt continues it’s scandalous make out session with the Rollarama floor. Is it really slut shaming if it’s a pony’s rear end? Wouldn’t that make it more… butt shaming?

Seriously, not even the crickets?
Okay then, so my fail at punning aside, imaginary mini Teddy shows up to Lancer, and says that now’s the time to make fun of BE. Ted, this is why Sweetheart is going to be controlling your relationship in more than JUST the bedroom when you two get older.
Lancer makes a weak joke (though not as weak as half of my material) at BE’s expense.)
It’s at this point that the rest of the imaginary mini Mane Seven pop in, each with different bits of advice.
Patch suggests dumping him, while Bon Bon suggests giving him a drug laced cookie to knock him out so she can carry him back to her underground bakery worship and fatten him at her convenience and-
Ah, seems I got the show plot mixed up with my Tales expansion fetish Cupcakes rewrite plotline***
So while the girls and Teddy are babbing, imaginary mini Ace and Melody inch closer together.
Ace: So, want to get together and make out when all this is done?
Melody: What are you talking about? None of us actually exist, we’re just a clever metaphor for abstract thought and pony peer pressure.
Ace: So that’s a no then?
Melody: (winks Saucily) Didn’t say that, now did I?
Eventually all of this conflicting advice cumulates in Lancer and BE yelling at their imaginary mini friends, telling them to buzz off and get lost. Unfortunately, both think that the other is telling them to do that.
 BE makes a comment on how she didn’t realize Lancer could be such a jerk, while Lancer comments on how he didn’t think that BE could be such an airhead. Strangely, I actually like the airhead comment. Shows that Lancer is attracted to BE more than just her physical appearance.
Both Ace and Melody expression confusion and disappointment at their OTP not becoming a thing.
We cut to some ambiguous amount of time later (could be later the afternoon, few days later, who the heck knows. Space is warped and time is bendable my friends) where Bright Eyes is giving out tickets for the contest. After Brownie and Bon’s go through, she puts her front hooves on her face and sigh.
Then she realizes that it’s not a roller contest without some fat beats yo (because that’s how people talked hip in 1992??). Quick cut of Lancer at the record player and BE makes her way over with a huge stack of vinyls.
And much like before, BE lands on her butt. Guess the floor took it back after all. What’s really amazing however, is the fact that the vinyls haven’t shattered into a billion little crackly pieces. I mean just what the heck are these record MADE out of. Then again this is the world where cardboard makes metallic sounds when hit, so I guess my MST3K quote was more apt then even I realized.
Lancer skates over and offers to helps BE up. We have some more adorkableness between Eyes and Lancer, which is only SLIGHTLY negated by the fact that BE moves her head, knocking the records that were resting on top like a Janga piece come clattering down to the floor.
BE accepts Lancer’s offer and admits that she wasn’t acting like herself.
Lancer: I thought I’d have to do something truly, TRULY outrageous just to get you to notice me!
BE once again brings up the fact that she isn’t a very good skater, but Lancer says he can teach her and with that their off and the contest is one.
Fun fact, the BGM is apparently that little rock riff that the Cleveland Bays play. I’m okay with this personally, more rock in the world is only a good thing far as I’m concerned.
So while Lancer and Bright Eyes are lost in in the rhythm that is the power of skate dancing, the contest wages onwards!
And our announcer pony guy is… Corny’s dad?! Granted, different pony but it’s clearly the same VA. Eh, oh well. Least nameless VA guy has a rich, chocolatey voice of awesomeness to listen to.
Announcer pony goes onto explain that he’ll be the one eliminating teams, last one standing will be the next Ponylander- I mean, winner of the Rollarama skate couples tournament thingy.
… ANNNDDD both Clover and blue pony fall to the ground barrel first. Ah. I see that the floor is paying Bright Eye’s butt back for cheating on it like it did.
Blue coat/blond mane pony says it was nice while it lasted, but Clover laminates that she wishes it could have lasted longer. Not sure why she’s complaining, I mean the antidote reversed the Passion Patties weight gain effects and- Oh, wrong Clover****
Next on the old chopping block is Teddy and Sweetheart. Teddy, being a block head, clearly learned nothing as he tries to once again Crack that Whip. This sends poor Sweetheart butt bumping into the judge, which is apparently against the rules as the two are disqualified.
Ace and Melody follow, with each of them trying to out “Ta-Da” the other, only for both of them to come crashing down to the floor and blaming the other for the fall. Why do I get the feeling this is some WEIRD foreshadowing of their potential love/married life together?
Bon Bon and Spinny Top Pony aren’t even skating, their just following Anthroquestria Mrs. Harshwhinnie’s philosophy of letting their stomachs have their fair say. Unforntantly, as the judge reminds them, this is a skating contest, not an eating contest. Though if it was, these two would win ALL the eating contests. ALL of them.

But yeah, they get thrown out of the contest.
Patch and Buddy are playing hockey. In the middle of a roller skating contest. No guesses as to how this one turns out people. Interesting thing to note though, Coltenvillie/Ponyland/Nameless Tales Town has a hockey team. We need a name for this team people, I don’t care HOW punny it is, we NEED it Dang it!
So this just leaves both Bright Eyes and Lancer, who are showing freaky high amounts of skating skillzels. Seriously, this is the first time either of them have skating together and their pulling off Pony Olympic level stunts. If Lancer wasn’t loaded, these two could probably roller dance for a living and make a pretty good deal of it.
So between their crazy good skate skills, and everyone epically FAILING at skating as couples, Lancer and Bright Eyes win by default!
Melody and Ace are confused as to why/how Brance became a thing, with Melody saying that Bright Eyes didn’t follow any of their rules and Ace remarking that Lancer came off as a loser.
Sweetheart, being the romantic of the group, comments that they don’t look like losers to her (in a adorable voice that only 1992 Maggie Blue can pull off) and that they look perfect together.
I see Sweetheart was into shipping before a majority of Tumblr’s users were even born.*X5
And our episode ends with Lancer and Bright Eyes holding their hard earned trophy together.

So yeah, this episode by itself is sweet, if not terribly standoutish from past and future episodes to come, but I like it. I think both Lancer and Bright Eyes make a cute, and more importantly, normal couple compared to the Tales Love Triangle and the ongoing drama of Sweetedy. (Like I said, ship names are HARD).  Makes for a nice contrast I think, plus I like how these kids clearly like one another for more than just the physical. It’s sweet.
Plus, if you’re into shipping and OTPs and all that, then this episode was MADE for you.

To ship or not to ship, that is the question within this episode.
Personally, I think the guy ponies that aren’t Ace, Lancer, and Ted are all optional. Could be potential boyfriends, could be just ‘friends who happen to be guys’ (coughPatchandBuddycough). As for Tales triangle, I’ll go into more depth in that one when we get to Just for Kicks.
Next time Patch becomes a winged/horned freak of nature and 1992 BBS message boards go ablaze with rage, with their battle of ‘EARTHY NOT PRINCESSY’ as we encounter ourselves some Princess Problems.

*Well it finally happened people, I’ve finally hit an all new low! Ripping off Seth Mcfarland jokes! And they said it couldn’t be done (badly).
+ Because forget G4 Spike and his on/off emotional problems, at least G1 and G3 Spike had their collective stuff together emotionally speak.
** And for those of you who wish to point out that Lancer isn’t wearing any pants, well let me remind you that neither doesn’t Fancy Pants in Fim, and yet no one ever gives HIM any pony poo over the weirdness of his name.
*** There is no Tales expansion fetish Cupcakes rewrite plotline. That cupcake is sadly a lie.
**** Note to self, request art pic of Tales cast replacing Totally Spies cast from the Passion Patties episode.
*X5 Because ‘before it was cool’ would have been too predictable.